Monday, October 3, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

Such an emotional, heartwarming thing to see the joy, not just on my Mom's face, but her siblings as well as we had a mini fily gathering at my Mom's home..

Papa Mike, her older brother - who lives in Manila but due to a stroke many years ago, does not get around much.... & Tita Yvonne (her younger sister) who came to visit all the way from their family province of Bicol - about 7 hour bus ride to Manila..  Also along for the visits are my cousins, Rounette and May plus their children.... Quite a lot of family in my Mom's tiny home...

But that was part of the joy, I suppose... The tight setting made it much more cozier.... Hearing the three siblings reminisce about their lives, their friends, the family... Laughter, sighs of sadness and so much love all around made my heart smile with joy - joy for being able to witness and listen in to their conversations ( such sharp minds, i can only hope, I would be as sharp when i am in their ages)... And mostly joy knowing and sensing my Mom's happiness having her siblings over for a visit....

Before I flew back to Taiwan, I called up my Mom to say goodbye and asks her if she had a wonderful time during the visit - to which she replied: "of course, there is nothing like getting together with one's siblings - no matter what has gone on between them over the years.. Over the course of their lives...." hmmmmmm, I wonder if she is hinting at something here?