Tuesday, October 25, 2011

PENSHOPPE Goes Inter, Again!!!

Earlier this year, Penshoppe - one of the Philippines leading clothing brand - completely stunned me when they unveiled their latest ad campaign....  though am not much a FAN of their clothing (too young, too trendy, not too hip), I have always admired their advertising... and their choice of endorsers....   from Jericho Rosales.. to Victor Basa... to Matteo Gudecelli...  local actor/ models and certified hunks...  but this Springtime,  out went the local hotties - and instead, they unveiled a slew of print ads and billboards with Hollywood Star, Ed Westwick...  Chuck Bass of the popular Gossip Girl....   I suppose this is a BIIG COUP for the local brand...  delighted the masses who frequents their shops....  but alienated me a bit more....   Have nothing against Mr. Westwick - I can even say that some of the ads I have seen with him in, I actually like....  he looked better that I remember him in the show....  though I have only caught the first season... hahahahahaha...
Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick
Now, word is that a slew of new Ad Campaigns will be hitting the market for Penshoppe before the Holidays... this time around using Thai Actor/Model/Superstar Mario Mauer...  once again... not a local hottie but at least, coming from the same continent....  and with half an Asian blood infuse in him....  I believe he has a Thai mother and a European father...  and though I have never seen him in anything he has acted in (Love of Siam being his biggest HIT!) - I have seen him magazines and local entertainment news...  and he is a certified hottie...  so am looking forward to his shots up in biiig billboards, as well as, print ads in local Philippine Fashion Mags....  BTW, Mario will make a Personal Appearance in Manila on Oct 29th - he will be one of the main attraction for Penshoppe's Fashion Show for Philippine Fashion Week.
Thai Actor/Model mario Mauer - Soon to WOW Penshoppe Lovers!!!
So this is a TREND the Philippine fashion houses are going for it seems....  Bench's underwear ads with the Philippine Ruby Team (though playing for the Philippines - each but one of them look Filipino!); OXYGEN using none but Caucasian Models...  and now, Penshoppe with their "one-two" use of foreign talents... 

So what's the deal???   Why replace the locals with International stars, athletes and/or models?   In fairness, Philippine Houses uses foreign talents both in print and media ads... and Philippine runways also boasts foreign talents... still, the locals always gets top billing and are the main focus.... until now....  as EXCITING as it is that the Philippine brands seemed geared to go Global - it is saddening to think that they will NOT BE REPRESENTED by Local Bloods.... seems a bit of a shame...  especially now that the Filipino Pride and Community seems to be everywhere - in sports, in Music, on TV, etc....
Victor Basa - Boy I do miss seeing his face in Penshoppe's Advertising....  Still, my FAVE Penshoppe Endorser Ever!