Saturday, October 15, 2011

Lunch with DR Q!!!

well....  let me set things straight right off the bat - we did not actually have lunch together....  we were in the same restaurant, Wood Stone, @ 98 Bistro Building....  separate tables and different companions....  I was with Juliana having our regular get-together.... so Close Enough to having lunch with him, right?  hahahahahahahahaha
DR Q, for those of you not familiar with him, burst into the scene via One Million Star - Taiwan;'s Premiere Singing Contest...   his Season was a few years back...  as far back as 2007 (am not too sure on this...)....   anyway, I have liked him ever since....  he sings pretty well, dances well, and has such a lively personality....  sometimes, you forget the talent as you are just amused by the personality....

Since then, he has been a permanent fixture on Taiwan Television...  variety shows, Idol Soap Operas and of course, he returns to One Million Star frequently....  I know that he has been making the rounds at local Pubs Island-wide....  sadly, I have not been able to catch him in person yet...  due to Timing mostly....   for the most part, I learn about the gig too late, or am out of the country - which you know is once a month....  Now he is making the rounds even more, as his CD will be coming out this month....  and the lead song is already making regular rotations on both MTV and VH1...  Catchy song... and FUN video - just right up his personality...
So needless to say, I did not miss the chance when I saw him walk past us a couple of times....  the third time - he was actually leaving already - just had to get up, walk over and talk to him...  and of course, snap a shot....  to all these, he graciously accommodated me....   and I must say, I was not disappointed.... he was as charming, lively, outgoing, and friendly as he seems to be on TV....  now am even more of a FAN!!!!