Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Real Steel. Real Tears

Boy, am really not one for BOXING but am such a HUGE Hugh Jackman fan, I had to go see Real Steel...  I mean when I first saw the Previews for it - I was not really impressed... was actually saying why is Hugh doing this movie?  The just seeing his smile, and throw in Evangeline Lilly as the love interest - I WAS SOLD!

Now, am glad I did go see it.... and can even TRULY HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!   It was great that the characters did not take a back seat from Special Effects or the Transformer Type Robot Fighters, though Adam (Hugh's son's robot) will surely make you smile and move you, too...   Story was well rounded enough, even with the predictability and the actors are all WINSOME....  they will tug at your heart and really rally to root for them all the way....   I mean I almost got up my seat and started shouting at the last fight, too....
Hugh Jackman is still as charming as ever... and all he does in a very manly way...   He is a Man's man...  and the fact that this actor can sing (can't wait to see him in the film version of Les Miserables) and dance makes me appreciate him more in these type of movies....   The young boy who plays his son, Dakota Goyo, is a cutie but not in a kiddie way... he still showed depth and maturity for his age...  wise beyond his years.....  and Evangeline Lilly....  wow, so happy to see her...   and her teary eyed scene at the end - without having to say anything - makes me miss her more now that LOST is off the air....  I do hope she gets her chance in Hollywood and go on to make even bigger movies that showcases her dramatic flair...  They were such screen presence I even forgot that i do not like movies with BOXING subtext (men or steel alike)....  :)
Rudi: *SWOON*