Friday, October 21, 2011


Hardship may dishearten at first,
but every hardship passes away.
All despair is followed by hope;
all darkness is followed by sunshine.
-Rumi ♥
Mom was rushed to the hospital early Wed morning.... found out about it a little after 12PM via PM form my niece, Nicole, on Facebook: "Your Mom was rushed to the hospital this morning. She could not breathe..." That was it... nothing more........

Needless to say I tried to call right away but to no avail... was at a lost all afternoon - going crazy with worries....  I even contemplated on getting an airline TIX and flying out to see her at once.... Good thing I was finally able to get a hold of my half brother (in Manila at the moment... on leave from his work in the Middle East) and found out how Mom is... 

Indeed, she was rushed early morning Wednesday, as she was having a hard time breathing since Tues nite.... somehow her lungs got clogged up from the cold she is having. which the doctors drained out of her... and was prescribed antibiotics.... the sad thing is that, though she was already feeling this - she did not say a thing as she didn't want to trouble anyone... :(  (Oh Mom!)

Thank God, she is now back at home, and her breathing is getting better and better....