Monday, January 18, 2010

monday, monday

the past weekend, besides being a COLD & WET one (every year, I swear, I think the winter months in Taipei is even colder than the previous one!) was no too bad at all -- even though it seems as if we did not do much but eat, eat, and eat some more.... hahahahahaha... as always, David was on a cooking frenzy and was making a lot of stuff for us all to savour and get fat on.... no wonder I feel like a BIG BEAR in WINTER just wanting to HIBERNATE after each meal.... ONLY PHOTOGRAPH THE DESSERTS AS THEY ARE MY FAVES AND JUST ABOUT THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL SEE ME HELP COOK, MAKE THAT BAKE, IN THE KITCHEN.
-well, aside from eating, I did manage to get around here and there.... and spent a lot of time watching DVDs (finally got to see the ELIZABETH - 2nd installment - simply an amazing film! and the 1st season of newest Melrose Place - TRASHY FUN - and seeing the old casts pop in and out is just too fun a trip down memory lane)...

spent a bit of time at the LIBRARY as well, reading mags, and catching up on "this n that".. always a pleasure flipping through magazines: fashions, toys, architecture, & news, now and again - hahahahaha) always so much going on that I wish I could see in person... places I wish I could visit.... and toys I wish I could have.... I was also HAPPY to have discovered a new TOY SHOP & SAD that, there is more COOL & FUN stuff to add in my OPEN PLAZA collection (SEE Follow Up Blogs) ...... oh well, back to reality.... and the trials and tribulations of life....

Happy Monday to you all... here's wishing for a GREATR WEEK for us all!!!