Thursday, January 7, 2010

CLOSE, but still NO toki shoes....

ONITSUKA TIGER, one of Japan's trendiest and more POPULAR shoe boutique has been issuing tokidoki X Onitsuka shoe wear for a few years now.... always LIMITED - these shoes have been sooo very hard to find - well, for me anyway....

we really do not have an ONITSUKA TIGER shop here in Taipei... and in Manila, they get so few and never any when am there.... they sell out fast.... not surprisingly as the shoes are just way too cool - whether you love tokidoki or not.... fun, colorful and great graphics.... even the SOLE is soooooo FUN & ARTSY!

Before I took off, I had to go to SOGO Department Store in Taipei to pick up something... I was so surprised to see a SECTION of ONITSUKA TIGER SHOES.... and lo and behold, Ttokidoki shoes!!! Cannoteven tell you the feeling - I was DEFINITELY SALIVATING for them and could not wait to TRY my SIZE ON.... SADLY, nothing on my size... waaaaaaaah!!!Anyway, I did not let that STOP ME.... I got the smallest size they had and tried them on... TOO BIG I already knew of course, but still could not help myself.... just tried them on and took a photo.... so at least, I can have a photo to add to my tokidoki collection.... LOLs!


Anonymous said...

There is an outlet in Ximending-Onitsuka Tiger, No.35 Kun Ming Street Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. TEL:886-2-2388-0622