Sunday, July 3, 2011

it's JULY - wha-wha-what!!!

Has it really been that long since I BLOGGED last? I cannot believe it is already JULY... sometimes I really do not know why everything is moving so fast.... and most just PASSING ME BY.... it seems I never ran out of things to do.... to take care of.... to attend to..... and between shuttling from Taipei to Manila each month - i do lose track of things....

Just recently, I have been told (in a good way - I HOPE!) " I worry because I know, you are always taking care of someone... people..." sadly it was said during a heated argument.... but I suppose this is TRUE.... it is in my nature.... have always been and most likely, will always be.... it just seems like, if I am to choose between putting my needs before others - I always choose others first..... at the moment, am mainly taking care of my MOM in Manila... and in Taipei - Jewel.... that's between everything else that I am doing: work & everyday life.... HAIIIIIS!!!

is it my upbringing? is it a need to please? or just a genuine love for others? in all HONESTY, I cannot say.... so let's just CHUCK IT to ALL OF THE ABOVE..... anyway, am in Taipei, at least till the last week of JULY - so this should let me catch up with a few things.... breathe a little... all remains to be seen.... will just have to take it day by day.... going with the flow - as I am accustomed to....



Barry Boy said...

I feel you, Mr Rudi. We have to, though, learn how to put ourselves first sometimes. Because we can't continue taking care of others, if we don't take care of our self. Hope you'll always be healthy. Stay safe, take care, and see you soon.