Monday, July 11, 2011


My 2nd time being in Taipei that a MAJOR Pinoy Event was going on... so, never mind that the venue is far away....; never mind that I had no one to go with....; never mind that the skies are GLOOMY & there's raindrops now and then...; never mind that I really do not know all the stars or like for that matter.....; OFF I WENT and Boy, was I GLAD I DID!!!

Held once more at the Taoyuan Arena Stadium - the event is mainly to give entertainment to all the OFW in Taiwan... and come they do.... from all parts of Taiwan.... Just see/hear/enjoy some of their FAVE STARS, get a restful fun day, and mostly to bond with one another.... (NOTE: it is always a PLEASURE for me to see groups of them huddling together.... talking and laughing.... bonding..... SADLY, though I think am such a FRIENDLY GUY - i do not come off as one to most of them... I even hear them talk about me in TAGALOG not knowing I can speak and understand the language...LOL.... ost of them think am either Chinese, Japanese or Hong Kongese anyway... hahahahahahaha...)

The concert, though not as FUN as last year's, my first time to attend such events - was still pretty entertaining.... mostly because the headliner host is Pokwang... such a really funny lady..... she reminds me sooooo much of the DRAG QUEENS in shows that I have seen in America.... actually I have seen her on TV a few times while in Manila... and have always thought she is either a DRAG QUEEN or a TRANSEXUAL.... till I was corrected and was told she is TRULY A WOMAN!!! Matters Not - she is FUNNY as Hell!!! I was laughing my ass off... and if I had room - I know I would have been rolling on the floor in laughter....2nd Performer to come out is Christine Reyes... do not really know her but have seen her in magazines and on TV when in Manila.... Not sure what it is about her people like... she looked like she had many things done (to her face) at an early age (though I could be wrong on this!)... and, for the life of her, she really could not sing at all.... even got the audience to sing the high parts of her songs... and forgot words to one of them... and she only had to sing 2 songs... LOL..Last major star to come out was Gerald Anderson - of course, there has to bee one HUNKY STAR, right??? HUNKY he is but no match for last year's Mark Bautista.... singing was OK, though am not sure if he was singing LIVE or LIP SYNCHING... still he was very easy on the eyes.... :)