Thursday, July 14, 2011

some WEEDS are good for ya!

Thanks to Juliana, I found my newest addiction... okay okay Obsession really.... Showtime's WEEDS.... already in it's 7th Season, I just got hooked watching Seasons 1 thru 5, in less than a week... LOL... it's humorous, raw, gritty, and well, casted.... so talented people are here - some I have liked over the years - in particular, lead & the show's central figure, Mary Louise Parker.... not that the others are reduced to supporting scenes only - they too, get to shine... and shine these other great talents do: Justin Kirk, Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins, etc... and I just have to give a special mention to new TV CRUSH, HOTTIE Hunter Parrish (he is the Nancy Botwin's just turned 18 son - and actually one of the more sane and matured character in the show....) did not even know he is the same as the bad boy in 17 Again....So many familiar and talented movie and TV faces have turned up, too: Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jessica Biel, Alanis Morrisette, Mary Kate Olsen, Albert Brooks, Richard Dreyfuss, Kate del Castillo, to name a few.. all used and fitted in rather nicely, no one wasted in their roles - no matter how small or big, or how long they stayed in the show....

I love the way the show is written.... always on the verge of realism and the absurd.... almost like real life... but you do get those instances where something is just too shocking to believe... and yet you say to yourself: "it could happen..."

Anyway, am not much of a reviewer... just a fanatic - whenever a show really captivates me - and this one has got me captivated, through and through.... now bring on Season 6 before Season 7 finishes.....