Sunday, June 19, 2011


Spent a few hours at the little pone's home this afternoon.... just got back as I need to prepare for the RED EYE flight once more later on.... actually need to take the BUS to get to the Taoyuan Airport sometime after 9PM.... and of course, without fail, the RAIN has come.... we are actually supposed to get a Typhoon here in Taiwan - just hope my flight has taken off by then... HERE"S PRAYING!!!

Anyway, a fun afternoon with the little one.... we spent a few mins up on their balcony... enjoying the breeze and Wu Papa's lovely flowers.... even got to view a pretty RAINBOW!!!! then played and eat, before she started acting like she was ready to sleep.... 15 mins bao bao (cradling) and she is fast asleep...was able to put her in her crib where she slept soundly for an hour.... when she woke up, she looked for me right away... picked her up and she fell asleep for another half hour on my chest.. hahahahahahaha

The funniest part today was, when I was changing her diapers - she actually fooled me, crawled and ran away.... did not want to wear her replacement one... LOL.... of course, I snapped a few shots.... how else will we EMBARRASSED her later on in life - with her BF or Husband to be... hahahahahahahaha...


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