Sunday, September 11, 2011

MUCHA' s Art Nuoveau Works

Friday afternoon,Sept. 9th, just as soon as I got done with all my work for the day, packing shipping, emails - I got ready and armed with Juliana's direction on how to get to the National Palace Museum, boldly I went.... now, I have been in the Museum many times before but always by car or scooter... this time I was on my own and taking Public Transportation...

It was a BREEZE!!! Thank God for the fine directions, the Great Public Transit System in Taiwan, and the kind people I asked a long the way - I made it with no trouble at all - the Heat of the Sun does not count... that cannot be helped... :)

A FAVE Piece from the Exhibition...

It was a GREAT Exhibition overall... lots of early works, original illustrations, and commissioned works on display.... sadly we were not allowed to photograph inside (though I did manage to sneak a few shots! you can check them out by clicking here: MUCHA EXHIBITION)... the exhibition ends tomorrow, September 12th... it has been running since June 11th, but with the schedule I keep - I was not able to go (had to force myself or miss out)till the 9th of this month... LOL!

National Palace Museum Link