Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ciao Ciao Italia

The other nite, I was watching the DVD of "ANGELS & DEMONS" for the 2nd time.... it has been over a year since I saw it last - so it was all somewhat new to me again... of course, since the film was mostly set in Rome, Italy - I could not help but be enthralled by the beauty of Italy once more.... brough back so many Great Memories from last year's trip... this month marks exactly one year since the trip... already a year had passed but everything still seems so fresh to me.... all the beautiful historical sights, the language, the food (Gelato Ice Cream each day and Pizza Margarita in Napoli especially), the people... just about everything...

So am reminiscing... looking back at all the photos taken... makes me wish to be back once more.... but for now, I will just be content with looking back and sharing some of my photos starting with this collage of photos from The Vatican visit... so happens it was on the 8th that we were there.... a SUnday so we lucked into attanding a mass service... and with today being Mama Mary's Birthday - everything seems to be just fitting....

MICHAELANGELO's PIETA - Sooooo Powerful!

In AWE of everything!