Thursday, June 10, 2010

age & beauty

"He Who Never Fail To See Beauty In Everything Never Grows Old"

I came across this quote yesterday... yes, just yesterday - on my BDAY..... maybe it was someone's way of telling me something I already know.... I WILL BE FOREVER YOUNG.... hahahahahaha anyway, it was just PERFECT to come across it as it reminded me that there TRULY are much worse things to worry about than how old am getting... and also a GREAT REMINDER to not lose track of my ways - to still, and always, FIND BEAUTY in all the places I see, all the things I experience, and all the people I meet....

So what is another year added to my age... it just means I got to experience and survived another year of ups and downs -- joys & pains.... it means that I got to add a few more people in my life that I can call friends.... it means that I am a year wiser - well, one can hope anyway.... well, I was wise enough to have a concrete plan for my day.... to do what I felt would make me happy....

and that I did set out to do, and that I was able to accomplish... was able to give a little back by donating Blood....; stopped by St. Christopher's Church to give thanks for all the blessings that comes my way, and for surviving another year...; had the Chicken Sandwich with Cheese from Burger King that I was soooo craving....; and capped the nite off by seeing a fun filled movie, Sex & The City 2".... so another BDay over and done with...

FULFILLED... SATISFIED..... OVERJOYED.... especially from all the BDay Wishes that came my way via Phone Calls, Texts, Facebook, etc.... I TRULY could not ask for more.... Thank You all for making my Special Day even more Special....

and just take a look at who I shared my BDAY with -- Birthdays on June 9:
1981 - Natalie Portman
1963 - Johnny Depp
1961 - Michael J. Fox
1931 - Jackie Mason
1893 - Cole Porter