Saturday, May 14, 2011

We've Got TEETH!!!

Jewel is 7 months and she's got teeth!!! 3 to be exact... 2 above and one below..... and this is both making us smile - as it is soooo funny to see... and making us wince as they do hurt when she bites you - and she loves biting fingers.....Jewel actually gave us a bit of a scare the a few days ago... for almost 3 days she was just moody, crying all the time and cannot seem to catch a good sleep.... am usually good at getting her to nap after our playtime and feeding time but the last couple of times I babysat her - it was just frustratingly impossible to get her to nap.... and the crying made it worse as I, nor Wu Papa did not know what to do.... we kept saying it must be the teeth coming in and the heat bothering her... as she was also sweating quite a bit a lot... Even her Mommy & Daddy did not know what was wrong.... just thought she was being moody....

Enter Wu Mama, who advised the she should see a doctor - as babies really do not cry that much for now reason at all... Lo and Behold - she had an ear infection that was actually hurting her so... and was making it impossible for her to sleep - as when she sleeps on that side - she is awaken right away from the pain.... The doctor right away gave her meds - some drops and within an hour she was fine.... and then she was back to smiling, playing and yes - NAPPING/SLEEPING properly!!!!Yesterday, she even behaved sooooooo well when we went for a rainy day trek to Yilan County... she was HAPPY... slept on my lap the whole drive over.... and just played and smiled with everyone - even strangers!!!
As an added BONUS - Shaun's friend that we visited in the Yilan County took us on a bit of a tour... we got to see both the Ka Va Lan Whisky and Mr Brown Coffee factories.... plus some lovely housing in the are....For one totally rainy, gloomy day - it sure turned out to be a lovely fun nite....