Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be@rbick X Jimmy Liao X 9 : Part II

WHOA!!!! Today is the first day that the 2nd Set of this Brand New Premium Bearbrick Collection for Hi*Life came out - and am soooo HAPPY to say - I was able to get all three already.... YES!!! These guys are just as CUTE as the first three I had blogged about recently....I was able to collect enough stickers for all three Jimmy Liao designed Bearbricks (30 stickers total!) - with the help of a few people, I have to admit:
-The Hi*Life shop girl who gives me a little extra whenever I shop... be it that she likes me or out of pity, matters not, am most appreciative.... Needless to say, I shop mostly when she is there...
-To Juliana for letting me know that a faster way than drinking coffee each day to get the stickers is to buy a certain brand of Cold Tea Drink... 4 bottles gets one 5 stickers!!! 3 more than if one gets a cup of coffee and a sandwich.... YES AGAIN!!!
-and of course, those who did not want their stickers and just threw them away in places I was able to find them!!! LOL..... Now on to collecting stickers for the last 3!!! Hahahahahahaha.....


SUE said...

Hey Rudi, looks like you won't need much help this time around. You are getting them all by yourself. Hahaha..... Happy collecting!