Friday, May 6, 2011

if you KNEE(d) to know....

A month ago today is when I first suffered and posted about my first major physical injury... that I can remember, anyway... can read about it here: IN PAIN So much has happened since then, of course.... mainly what am going through with my MOM"s illness right now... so, though am still in pain now and again, I have just learned to live with it and even have forgotten about it, 'cept now and again when I end up moving my right leg a certain way that makes the knee ache once more....
Was going to have an X-RAY even while I was in Manila last, but with all the medical attention needed to be done with my Mom, I had completely forgotten about it... and it was time to leave... so when I came back to Taipei, I went back a few times to the ACUPUNCTURE treatment.... as well as, herbal home remedy courtesy of Wu Mama.... Stayed off and rested my legs a lot.... and AVOIDED STAIRS with a PASSION.... (so Jewel had to come to me - as I could not go up those 5 flights of stairs where she is... LOL)

Since then though, am happy to announce that I have gone back to swimming.... am able to walk much longer without limping right away... and though I have not tried running yet, am dying to.... so soon I will start with brisk walks on the thread mill or by the river..... and HOPE FOR THE BEST!!!