Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Porter, If You Please!!!

Seems like everywhere I turn, buses, magazines, movies, tv , etc..., I see this ICONIC LOGO.... Even Manila just opened up a Porter Shop in Rockwell!!! Porter is already a FAVE LOGO way back when, during the countless treks to Japan - but it was just one of those Designer Labels that was ALWAYS TOO PRICEY -until now....

I remember seeing and admiring them in Japan number of times... but I always OPT for COMME CA DU MODE, clothing & accessory - for financial reasons... hehehehehe... But the recent resurgence of the Porter Brand in Asia, especially here in Taiwan made me take notice once more.... and boy, am I glad I did... the prices have come down considerably... Am told that Reatil in Japan is still quite HIGH - but the Brand has made a separate line for the Global Market and they have made them affordable... and from what I see - they really are!!!

Though not usually permitted, I talked the good folks of Porter International @ SOGO Department Store in Taipei, into letting me snap a few shots of their boutique... check them out - am sure you will fall for them, too!!!

COOL SELECTIONS: Stylish & Available in a Variety of Colors!!!
CURRENT AD seen all over Taiwan - Buses, Mags, Newspapers.

SOGO Shop Photos Here

And Be Sure to Check Out the wewly operational, Porter Pop Up Shop @ Rockwell - Manila Philippines - if you happen to be in the neighborhood... right next to another fave of mine, Fred Perry!!!