Monday, February 21, 2011

"a little fall of rain, could hardly hurt me now..."

... nor would I let it STOP ME from getting out and about this weekend.... and it was not just a little drop of rain - it was NON-STOP rain for the most part the last few days here in Taipei.... WET & COLD, that's the weather in my neck of the woods lately.... I think there was one day break we had last week, and that was the day I took care of Jewel the whole day and nite - so Wu Papa can go Enjoy the Flora Exhibition.... my GOOD DEED for the week... hahahahahahahahaha

Anyway, the weekend was still quite a full one for me.... looking back, I really know how to keep myself busy and occupied - and that is just fine by me, as am not one to just IDLE the day away..... reminds me of one of the BEST Compliments I ahve ever gotten from Lyn: "Rudi, I am amazed at how you always know how to plan your days... and have the energy to just keep going, keep doing things..." and I ALWAYS WILL!!!

so here's a RECAP of my weekend - just sharing...

SATURDAY, the 19th:
Dinner with the girls @ Royal Host... always a fun time, sitting around and chatting with Juliana, Sue n Cecilia... catching up is always FUN!

Right after, I went on to see the Annual Chinese Lantern Festival @ the Sun Yet San Memorial Park... always a treat to see all the beautiful, ornate, hand crafted and some, hand painted Lanterns on display... it was TRULY magical for me... Year after Year... :))
SUNDAY, the 20th
Rained really hard, so I was having a slow start... but i did manage to get myself together and drag my ass to the Bus Stop and headed on to church.... sometimes, I have a hard time going but once there, am always enjoying the service and of course, the music....Another reason why I really need to go was to take in the GAUGUIN Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum.... it was the last day so no excuses.... long lines and all once there.... took me almost an hour and a half in line to get in... all that and am not even a big GAUGUIN fan... no matter, it was still nice to see.... Musuems are always interesting, fun, and a wonderful experience.