Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Bedroom Connection: Dennis Trillo & Me

My family sent me an old issue of this gossip star magazine,
YES! Pinoy Edition.... I did not understand it at first, why they would waste their PESOS in mailing me the mag.... so I flipped through the pages... and right away I spotted their reasoning.... an article on Dennis Trillo (a Filipino Movie Actor) and his new condo... They (my family) have always known that I like Dennis ever since I saw him play a drag queen in a Judy Ann Santos movie that they dragged me to see one XMAS.... and I believe he WON lots of awards and accolades for it - deservedly so....

Anyway... it seems that we had so much in common when it comes to decorating our condos.... as seen on the photos here... above is his bedroom (photo courtesy of YES!) and below is my bedroom.... notice the similarities:
1) Green Walls
2) Mirrored closets
3) bed covers are not only similar in design... they are also similar in colors.... beige with brown circular patterns....
4) the BEST part of all, his CONDO is also in the MANDALUYONG area.... I wonder where? am guessing that it is the GA Towers right along some stars are already residents of the building......

maybe I will BUMP into him one of these days and we can discuss bedrooms...... GUDLUCK to me!!! hahahahaha

so anyway, wala lang, just made the BLOG so my family's effort and mailing pesos, do not go to waste.... hahahahahaha