Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays

Ok... am a day late with this post... but still counts as it is still a very rainy Tuesday...

Well, I got totally soaked Monday afternoon.... was out doing errands when it rain started raining Cats & Dogs.... Thunder and Lightning to boot.... so I decided to wait it out as I did not carry an umbrella when I left.... why would I, it was a beautiful nice morning with totally blue skies.... so the rain was truly unexpected.... But it was a delivery call... a shipment from CHINA I have been waiting on for a looooong time... so I had no choice... I did not want to miss this deliver and wait another day - so I said YES and ran home in the rain.... all 10 blocks!!! Made it home but wouldn't you know it, it took them another 2 hours to get to my home and deliver.... by that time the rain had already stopped... and of course, they decided to wait out the rain before making the delivery... nice of them to let me know... LOL...Now it is Tuesday.... and the rain has been off and on since morning.... Hard Rain, Light Rain, Blue Skies, Dark Clouds, & Rain Again! But that is fine as I have tons of packing to do - for the next couple of days' shipping.... I did manage to take a bit of a break - met up with Sue for a quickie lunch - and I Finally got to give her her BDay presents... a few days late... and to my Surprise, I got one, too... another BDay gift... :)) Aaaaaah, such is life... full of surprises & frustrations & happiness.... ironies, too.... and everything else...

***Here's to a Good Week All!!! Good Vibes, Good Vibes***