Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Henry Cavill is Superman!!!

First Ryan Reynolds is Green Lantern, then Chris Evans as Captain America, now comes news from The Tudors Site on Facebook that Henry Cavill, Brandon on The Tudors, will be donning the blue suit and red cape as SUPERMAN!!! Just read this today really!!! Just Too Cool, as he is my FAVE in The Tudors actually... I mean Jonathan who plays Henry is cool and hunky, too - but what a personality... but that's another story... Anyway, a cover story on Entertainment Weekly plus the INTERNET all abuzz about this casting coup... He follows the the great George Reeves, Christopher Reeve & the last one, Brandon Routh...

From what I hear he actually beat out a couple of people I really like, as well, for the role -- Matthew Goode (who's donned Superhero Tight suit in WATCHMEN, for the same director who will be lensing this installment of Superman); and Ian Somerhalder, who is HOT Damon of The Vampire Diaries. Either one of them would have sufficed for my TASTE =, too... but i think, Henry, will fill the suit much better... and if you have seen him in The Tudors, you would agree that he could bring much more depth to the role... So here's to the New Superman!!!