Thursday, November 12, 2009

fun marc jacobs watches

I have loved mr marc jacobs since his Perry Ellis days - now of course, as the genius behind LV's resurgence... especially the collaboration with Japanese artist Murakami, those designs infuse the much needed hipness to the line and took LV to another brand new level....

his very own namesake clothing & accessory lines have been making waves worldwide the past few years, as well... just recently, he added a touch of cuteness and fun and called the line, miss marc - cartoon graphics on tees, bags, etc.... available for both men and women, too!!!

last nite, while running my errands, I happen upon his line of cool and fun watches... a specialty watch shop here in Taipei carries them... of course, I had to sneak some photo snapping!!! the premiere collection's prices ranges from about $125 to $500US (oh well, chuck it all to my XMAS WISHLIST!!!) - still reasonable compared to LV, Cartier, GUCCI or other designer brand watches.
ABOVE PHOTO: since none of the boy prints were available maybe I will go for this blue one.... besides it is on the lower end of the price spectrum... hahahahahahaha