Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Jubilees

1st of July, a brand new month that promises to be just as hectic & tiring as the month of June -- but at least a little bit more pleasurable...

Starting off with flying off this morning to Manila to check up on my Mom... i can only pray that this trip will be a bit better than the last.... then tomorrow I get to see my nephew Ace, coming back from San Francisco, California -- where he did his 3 month OJT for his HRM course... he has one semester left and he graduates!!!

Upon my return on the 8th, I get to look forward in enjoying a full fun day at The Taipei Toy Festival ( a 4 day event that I will be attending on Sat, the 11th - with my friends: Juliana, Sue & Cecilia) -- so many famous exhibitors from all over the world, but the one am dying to see and meet is mr tokidoki himself, Simone Legno.There are other things, other happenings for the month of July: the musical Phantom of the Opera comes to Taiwan, a couple of movies, Public Enemies & the special effects driven, 2012; and summer goings on in Taiwan.

Here's hoping July has a lot of happenings in store for you, too... in your own neck of the woods...


Mary E. said...

Goodness! You're going to be as busy as ever. I really hope your Mom is doing well. That is nice that Ace will be home when you visit.

I envy you, Juliana, Sue & Cecilia!! That Toy Festival looks like a lot of fun!

Travel safely!


wtsrudi said...

Mary -- am soooo excited... it was featured in today's papers...we are going to the show tomorrow... will see what treasures I can find... though I know I MUST CONTROL myself... hehehehehehe