Saturday, July 10, 2010


The subject of my newest 365 Project entry: Temptation... we see it in all walks of life.... in our everyday life.... On TV, the Billboard ads, the malls, the streets - just about anywhere and everywhere really....

They can be in the form of something sweet - that is bad for our figures, much more to our healths....; they can be in the form of a magazine or billboard ad - enticing us to buy something we really do not need.... and at times looks much better on the ads than on us...; or simply, just a passer by that gives you the "eye/the look" - that if given "the look", as well - could turn into something more... for good or for worse....

So each day is a bit of a struggle with temptations... how to avoid them... how to deal with them.... Really NO ESCAPING them... the TRICK is to figure out how to give in without overdoing so.... as we all know: "Too Much of Anything Could Be BAD For You!"

“Temptation wrings integrity even as the thumbscrew twists a man's fingers”
-Chinese Proverbs quotes


D7ana said...

Oh ... while this is pink, it reminds me of my latest food-lust, Ciao Bella's Key Lime Graham gelato. Tart, sweet, little pieces of graham throughout. Oh, oh, oh!

So glad I was born with human taste buds!

wtsrudi said...

am with you there, dana... hehehehehehehe