Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Hump Day All!

How about a little Damon Salvatore!
Hope this os OK for now..  Busy with Chinese New Year preparations...

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

KHH for CNY!!!

Been here since Saturday already for a week ling stay for Chinese New Year...  Back in Taipei on the 31st....  Though it will be in the midst of Chinese New Year, scheduling conflicts dictates we Head back to Taipei on the 31st...  So we make the most of our tine here now...
Quite different now, with Todd already working and coming home very late each day...  And Johnny is in the military now and can only spend this coming Thurs n Friday with us...  So we are basically left with Juju, who came down with us...  Grandma n Grandpa...  Plus Liya n the Doggies...  But we did get to see Todd and his GF, Wan Tung , for a couple of days as it was the weekend...
Even got to have all our hair trimmed!!!
Weather's been great - much, much better than Taipei...   So we have been doing a lot of walking here n there...  Got to even run a few laps at the school Sunday night... 
  And of course, eating... But that goes without saying...  LOL!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PILI Exhibition

Head back on to the 1914 Huanshan Creative Arts Center to take in the Art of PILI Exhibition....   PILI of course are a cross between dolls and puppets made and quite popular all over Taiwan and a few Chinese speaking countries....   PILI has grown from performing in night markets during the Chinese Holidays...  to their own popular TV SHOWs and Serials.... and soon capturing the 3D movie going crowds with their very own 3D film...
The exhibition boasts so many of the original puppets/dolls used in their many serials....   so this is quite exciting to see for the shows' followers....  Original art, illustrations and planning sketches were also on hand...  various intricately designed weapons....   elaborate settings....  and of course, the glorious costumes are enough to marvel at....    even if one is not a follower of these shows, it will still be quite an amazing exhibition to see - just to revel at the artistry and craftsmanship's of all the people who make these dolls/puppets come to life!!!
a few mass produced merchandise, based on the much loved characters, were also on display...

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day!!

Inspirational Words from a very Inspirational Man!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Men n Bags

Did I miss something?  It seens as if in Asia mags, the trend is to pose almost Naked Celebrities n Personalities with designer bags...  Maybe they figured, for some of the bags outrageou prices, no other funds to buy the clothes!!  Lol..
But this is just fine by us, as the photos are just perfect for this week's Hump Day!!! 

Philippine's Metro magazine's Annual Body issue included some of my personal faves..
Vince and Eric of My Husband's Lover

And the ones below are from ELLE magazine, Korea, I believe...  the photos are quite nice and are sure to send the temperatures HIGH....  TOO HOT!!!


Friday, January 10, 2014

15 Years!!!

What I thought was going to be a couple of years stay in Taipei has now turned into 15 Years!!!  Wow!!!

So much has happened, has changed since I moved here back in Jan. of 2009... Good and bad things..  Added new friends and have lost some...  Deaths and Baby Arrivals...  High and Low points... Pain and Joy...   I Treasure Them All!!!  They are what made, and makes my life exciting, challenging, and most especially worth living!  What makes me Happy!!!

So let us see what the next few years bring...  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

Can't believe it has been 5 years since the Wedfings of Shaun N Lyn - Juju's Mami n Papi...  Yes you read that right, Weddings...  with a Capital S!!!  
We had 3 of them, in fact!!!  In Nantou, the Groom's hometown..  Then in Kaohsiung, the Bride's hometown...  And another in Taipei, where the couple resides and work ...  And where modt of their colleagues are!!  It was quite a feat, Beautiful & Madness for the couple...  For sure!!!  But I loved it as I got o experience the beauty of Chinese Wedding rituals 3 times over!!!  
More Happiness and Togetherness to you both!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014


Had another first with Juju today  - first time to a movie!!!  Well, technically it is the 2nd but the first time, Madagascar, she could not sit still and kept talking loudly, we actually left 30 mins into the movie - so as not to upset the other movie goers...  Lol!  This time around Juju was great..  She sat still..  Talked softly, as i taught her, whenever she had a question or comment...  And just truly enjoyed the movie...  Laughing, clapping and reacting at the right moments...  Swaying during the musical numbers...  And was even more sadder than I when the movie finished...  

FROZEN was the perfect movie...  At three years of age, Juju is understanding more and is getting to be a true lover of Disney/Pixar films...  Thanks to Tangled, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., etc...  And it helped that we wend on a weekday afternoon when not too many people are around....  less frustrating, less pressures, and less crowds to deal with.....  like having your own movie screen!!!
The movie, based on the Snow Queen,  was wonderful....  The animation superb - as a Toy Lover, am feeling a need to find some of the figures produced for the film!!!  The music was catchy enough and having Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel voice out  two of the main characters was a delight!!!   Idina doing the main song, "Let It Go", is a shoo in for the OSCARS, and I cannot wait to see/hear her sing it LIVE...

And am even getting to enjoy older Disney movies (Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty n the Beast, Little Mermaid) as I introduced them to her via DVD on the days I babysit her.. And through doing so, I have reignited my love for Disney films... Which are basically Classic ones now!   Oh how I delight in seeing them again...  Like seeing old friends once more!!!  

Thanks Disney/ Pixar for the many years of delighting and thrilling with your films!!!   And here's to many more to come!!!!
Right after, we even get to play around the Miramar area for a bit!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


The 2nd of January was part of Juju and I's Christmas gifts..  Mommy got us tickets to see the 30th Anniversary of RODY Exhibition at the 1914 Huanshan Arts Center - a Fave artsy grounds for a lot of people in Taipei.

I only know RODY, pretty much for the Premiums I have been collecting from Hi Life, Family mart, etc..  Plus of course, the bouncing kiddie sized ones that have been quite popular the last few years - but I was AMAZED to see that RODY's been around for 30 years!!!

And the Exhibition was well worth it.... lots of colorful RODY's on display - in various sizes, too... and for added fun, one can touch, grab, pose with, and even ride most of the ones displayed....  Just Too Cool!!!  Juju had the most fun - of course! as she was allowed to ride most of the ones there... including the RODY Carousel - and ride she did... at least 4 times!!!. Plus a few One Of A Kind ones done by local and popular artists were on display in the gallery.
The Giant RODY that greets attendees and passersby...
I can Imagine this in my home..  Hahahahahahaha...
Circus Themed Room and yes it was all Intetactive!
OOAK RODY's on Display

2 Happy Kids on the RODY-Go-Round!!! Juju loved it so much we must have ridden it at least 4 times..  She just had to sit and take a photo with every single one of them..  LOL!
We lucked in and another exhibition was going on - the Taiwanese Doll/Puppetry that has been popular around the world: PILI!  So, we got to have fun with a few of their displays too!!!

For More Fun Photos of The Exhibition Pls Click Here: RODY, PILI and so much more..

"Yellow Mellow" : 2nd selfienof the year...  
Did anyone say Yellow and blue are the Lucky colors for 2014???

Friday, January 3, 2014

Looking Hot So Far!!!

2nd day of January and am still feeling the joys of XMas...  
Weather's been great..  Chilly breezes with the sun shining..  Enough to wake up in a good mood...
FIrst Selfie of the Year... and so it begins again!!!
First day was spent with Juju...  Running around here and there - starting with seeing GioGio off at the airport.. Watched a few planes fly off and took the obligatory shot with Open-chang...  Then it was off to TRU just to check out the latest goodies...
2nd of January!!!
Today started off pretty good, too...  Great weather...  
And a couple of surprise packages in the mail!!!
December issue of the Philippine's Men's Magazine, GARAGE, with tom Rodriguez of My Husband Lover's fame on the cover...   and as an added bonus, burning up the back cover with his newest endorsement ad, for Bench Body....  I knew I wanted this issue when I saw someone posted about it on FB...  but am so glad my cousin found me a copy and sent it on to me....  HOTNESS!!
With the magazine package, I got another box that contained 3 of the most precious Rosaries from the Holy Land...  gifts from friend, Isabel Casas....  such a sweet thing to think of me when she visited Jerusalem a couple of months back....  Thank You so very much!!!  They will make great additions to my ever - growing collection of rosaries....