Saturday, September 24, 2011

2011 Taiwan Designers Week Expo

Went to another Exhibition on the 23rd @ the 1914 Huanshan District of Taipei.... it was the 2011 Taiwan Designers Week - promoting and highlighting mostly local artists - both famous and soon to be famous ones....

Some really great and innovative designs... ranging from tech items for one's computer, household goods, fashion accessories, design accessories, furniture and lighting - both for the home and the office, gift items, even packaging, and sooooo much more...

So glad to have been able to catch this one as it only runs till this Sunday, the 25th... and am already flying out tonite for Manila for a week....

Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday, I took in the "Fashionista" Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art - Taipei, Taiwan. As you already know, this museum has got to be my most FAVE one in all of Taiwan - as it showcases a lot more contemporary, current, & fun exhibitions.... with this one not any different.

Fashionista showcases local top (familiar names such as Isabelle Wen, Jasper Huang & ) and some up and coming designers - all oozing with so much talents and visions. The exhibition focuses on the designers current/contemporary thinking and views, interpreted in all aspects of fashion: clothing, shoes, accessories, and even a bit of interior designs...

Great pieces are on display... intricately and exquisitely designed clothing... Bustiers made of solid wood... gorgeous gowns made of mesh materials.... some of them are TRULY worthy of being worn down the fashion runways of Paris, London, Tokyo and/or New York.
The way the collections are presented leaves a lot to be desired as well.... very contemporary setting.... and one that is very outstanding is the area where a bunch of white tops lined the ceiling, like clouds lining up the skies.... it was just heavenly looking.... in the same room, creations by different designers are showcased in their individual spotlight, a blurb on the design, and even a wide screen TV with designers taking about their designs...FASHIONISTA runs thru the 13th of November, 2011

39 Changan West Road, Taipei City
☎: 02 2552-3720

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lost in Translation II

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing a screening of "Seediq Bale" - a two parter Taiwanese film documenting the historical Japanese occupation of Taiwan waaaaaay back before WWII... it is the Mountain Aboriginals plight - in preserving their ancestry, regaining their territory and PRIDE back from the Japanese.

Part one covers the origins of Mona Rudao, the taiwanese Hero and the main character of the film. We see him grow up, become a man... fight for his tribes rights and freedom, only to be captured and succumbed to the Japanese... and fast forward to the 1930's - he is now an older man co-existing with the Japanese but deep down brooding(and brewing) for their freedom. The two hour movie culminated in the "oh-so-very-bloody" revolt against the Japanese.... I had to turn away or close my eyes in certain parts but it is not, I assure you, bloodshed just for the heck of getting reactions from the audience... all was done true to the tribesmen's historical ways of dealing with their enemies...

Been looking forward to this movie for quite some time.... the PREVIEWS looked AMAZING and EMOTIONAL - and BEST OF ALL, they had ENGLISH Subtitles... Alas, there was none when we went to see the film.... even at the Warner Viewshow, which is frequented by foreigners so one would think they would show the ones with English Subtitles... The movie was in both Japanese and the Aboriginal Dialect... and the subtitles were in Chinese... I was OUT OF LUCK!!!

But not all was lost... the story was very UNIVERSAL... the EMOTIONS quite apparant, thanks to the wonderful actors... and I did get a little bit of Translation help in the most PIVOTAL parts.... so i still got the JIST of the whole thing - was caught in the beautiful cinematography, great landscapes used for settings, and the emotion of the whole thing... Now I cannot wait for

PART 2 of the film...


Monday, September 19, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays...

Rainy Monday Morning.... it will be a WET week if all weather predictions are correct... still, it is not too bad as it could be raining harder - since we are supposed to be in for another TYPHOON island wide.... CROSSING FINGERS that it will not be too bad.... :)

The past week, as with other past weeks of late, went by quite fast.... sometimes I really do not know where my week goes.... that is until I look back at my photos and see where I have been and what I have been doing.... LOL..... always good to take photos each and everyday - it helps me in remembering my days...

12th Sept: Moon Festival Holiday Stroll at Siemending... just people watching & checking out the cool shops.

...and a Beautiful ending for the first day of the week by witnessing one of the most beautiful Sunsets Ever!

13th Sept: Lovely Lunch with Juliana @ CAPROCCIOSA (SOGO) and then a Trek to Monster Taipei, Toy Heaven!!!

14th Sept: Checked out Taipei's Newest Mall - ATT 4 FUN in the Warner Viewshow area... plus saw the Wu Tung Shing Photography Exhibition

18th Sept: PICASSO Exhibition @ The National History Museum... Just Lucked in as it was the last day!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


PORTER INTERNATIONAL celebrating it's 10th year has 4 PREMIUM OFFERINGS for it's (getting even larger) fans.... and crossing into the TOY COLLECTOR fans, too! Am doubly in trouble as I am both a fan of the BRAND and of course, VINYL TOYS!!!

Came across the first figure a couple of months back in MEN's UNO magazine.... now I cannot read Chinese so I did not know that the HELL it said.... only the month (I presumed!) that it would be released... SADLY, I missed out on that released - it came and went so fast I was told by employees from a few different PORTER INTERNATIONAL shops I visited all over Taipei.... armed with the photo of it in my iPhone...LOL... Am sure a biiiiig part of it was it's cuteness.... whether you like the brand or not - this is on UBER CUTE offering: it is of the PORTER BELLHOP LOGO in a very cute 3D form... and 6 inches in height!!! And as if rubbing SALT to the WOUND, at one of the shop, there was one displayed - see photo on the left - needless to say it was just that, for display only.... and no amount of begging was good enough to be able to buy it... Alas, the BOSS is also a collector of VINYL TOYS and this one is for his own collection already! Boo Hoo...

So I was giving up on this, but in passing I mentioned it to Juliana and she reminded me to try Sue - always GREAT at finding stuff on Yahoo Auctions, Taiwan... so I dropped her a call and Lo and Behold, the same day she found me one.... at a price pretty much what they sold for when first released - SCORE!!! She even did better than me... she researched it right away and found a PRESS EVENT LAUNCH ARTICLE about the figures - with photos of the collection.... THANKS SUE!!!

4 Taiwanese Models dressed as the figures...

The first of 4 Limited Edition, released back in JULY/AUGUST, sold in the shops for NT$980 (US$30) - or for $480 (a little less than US$15) with a Purchase.... the 2nd one will be released in October, I was told.... got myself on the wait list already and am really HOPING not to miss out on this one.... his is one collection really worth keeping....

Monday, September 12, 2011

and speaking of MOONs...

Here's a few shots to make us HOWL about... and get the ADRENALINE going on this Monday Morning....
Folded N Hung's Newest Underwear Ads

Henry Cavill looking every bit like The Man Of Steel



Happy Mid Autumn Festival!!!

I had forgotten that today is a Holiday... no work, no post office, no banks... and even the Gym and the Library is closed... I should be HAPPY for the extra day off but the rain just started falling... so it will be a WET MONDAY as predicted... boo hoo....

OH WELL... will still make the most of the extra day off.... Happy Moon Festival All!

On a side note: I really cannot believe how the months have been going by soooooo fast.... we are now in the last 4 months of the year... the "BER" months... in just a little bit, it will be DECEMBER... XMas one again.... too fast, too soon.... AM NOT READY..... and as if adding SALT to the WOUND - just a couple of days ago the Taiwan Times ran this photo - XMas Retail has already commenced in Manila... YOWZA!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pinoy Sunday Treat

I look forward to most of my Sundays in Taipei as it is the time when I can satisfy the Pinoy in me... First by attending the Filipino Service at St. Christopher's Church - though I did not understand part of the Homily, as the Tagalog sometimes is just way too deep for me, I always enjoy the music... so lovely and soothing to the ears... truly uplifting...

Then, on some Sundays, like today for instance, I get to have some Pinoy Food... mostly the desserts but today I actually got to have a couple of my Fave dishes for lunch: Pinakbet and Menudo... then of course the Ginatan dessert.... all YUMMY and makes me feel like am back in Manila once more...Now and then, when I have more time - I check out the Pinoy magazines and DVDs for sale... am not much for the movies as mostly, I do not know the actors and I have seen a few that really left a bad taste in my mouth... so if not recommended, I do not tend to buy.... mostly I look for concert videos, as I prefer to listen to the music more... I can play them without actually having to watch... just to hear some good old OPM, while I work or clean the house...

Today I was in luck, a new GARY VALENCIANO Music Special DVD just came out - and i snapped a copy right away... I was, I still am, elated over it... and now I have seen it a couple of times already... His music, his songs, though some are 20 plus years old - he manages to always bring on a fresh take in each and every concert of his... not that they need it, his music are timeless : both message and melody... I highly recommend you to get a copy... Sir Gary V. - Mr Pure Energy, as he is called in the local BIZ - and his music will forever be a Favorite of mine...


MUCHA' s Art Nuoveau Works

Friday afternoon,Sept. 9th, just as soon as I got done with all my work for the day, packing shipping, emails - I got ready and armed with Juliana's direction on how to get to the National Palace Museum, boldly I went.... now, I have been in the Museum many times before but always by car or scooter... this time I was on my own and taking Public Transportation...

It was a BREEZE!!! Thank God for the fine directions, the Great Public Transit System in Taiwan, and the kind people I asked a long the way - I made it with no trouble at all - the Heat of the Sun does not count... that cannot be helped... :)

A FAVE Piece from the Exhibition...

It was a GREAT Exhibition overall... lots of early works, original illustrations, and commissioned works on display.... sadly we were not allowed to photograph inside (though I did manage to sneak a few shots! you can check them out by clicking here: MUCHA EXHIBITION)... the exhibition ends tomorrow, September 12th... it has been running since June 11th, but with the schedule I keep - I was not able to go (had to force myself or miss out)till the 9th of this month... LOL!

National Palace Museum Link

Friday, September 9, 2011

Run Around Rudi... WHEW!

Wishing I was the EVERREADY BUNNY right about now - just keep on Going, and Going, and Going.... the last few weeks has been soooo HECTIC.... definitely one for the books.... there were mornings when I would wake up in the middle of the nite and forget where I was....First a week in Manila (Aug 17th thru the wee hours of the morning on the 25th)... the it was half a day of work (SHIPPING THINGS!) - then off to the SPEED TRAIN to go down Kaohsiung for three days....Got back about 2AM on the 28th, slept for a couple of hours, got up, pack and get ready to head on to the Airport once more to fly out to LAOS, Via Bangkok.... a 6 day Surprise Trip!!!Came home on the 3rd, late afternoon... followed up on work - missing so many days.... and it was Baby Sitting duties for the next 3 days - and trying to work in the morning and in between playing with Juju.... she is 11 months old this month, btw......lots of shipments came in... kept me doubly busy the next few days.... with the only break coming from a 3 HR Special SRI SRI YOGA session that Juliana took me to.... could not have come at a better time, I was in badly need of stretching and (Peace of) mind tuning... LOL!Last two days spent mostly indoors packing stuff to get ready for today's shipping pick up... so pretty much done with this batch... can actually breate a bit better again... even got to stroll over to Roahe for an evening food run, temple visit and a breezy walk by Dajia Riverside Park...The next few days should be a bit better.... am almost done with shipping all that is in... billing for what is coming in next and following up on other orders... and I only have MUCHA and PICASSO exhibitions on my MUST DO plate as exhibition runs will be ending soon...

So that is the recap - so far.... will follow up more in a little bit... Hope all is well in your neck of the world.... :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ciao Ciao Italia

The other nite, I was watching the DVD of "ANGELS & DEMONS" for the 2nd time.... it has been over a year since I saw it last - so it was all somewhat new to me again... of course, since the film was mostly set in Rome, Italy - I could not help but be enthralled by the beauty of Italy once more.... brough back so many Great Memories from last year's trip... this month marks exactly one year since the trip... already a year had passed but everything still seems so fresh to me.... all the beautiful historical sights, the language, the food (Gelato Ice Cream each day and Pizza Margarita in Napoli especially), the people... just about everything...

So am reminiscing... looking back at all the photos taken... makes me wish to be back once more.... but for now, I will just be content with looking back and sharing some of my photos starting with this collage of photos from The Vatican visit... so happens it was on the 8th that we were there.... a SUnday so we lucked into attanding a mass service... and with today being Mama Mary's Birthday - everything seems to be just fitting....

MICHAELANGELO's PIETA - Sooooo Powerful!

In AWE of everything!