Sunday, February 7, 2016

Chinese New Year 2016

This year marks the 16th year am celebrating Chinese New Year in Taiwan..  But unlike the previous years where I jointhe  merriment in the Wu household in Kaohsiung, or somewhere abroad traveling - I am here in Taipei to welcome the year of the monkey.
Last Year in Kaohsiung.
I have heard how cold and deserted like Taipei is during this holiday, but am finally getting to experience it firsthand for the very first time...  And it is quite sad...  The  loneliness of the streets add to the coldness of Winter's low temperatures...

Still living at Juju's as our home renovation is going on overtime...  Delayed for a month..  And with just me and Lyn around, and she having to work till the late hours tonight, I gather I will be basically on my own - eating the fried rice Lyn has cooked for us...  Yes no feast like we always have in Kaohsiung... We will not get to have any till we meet Juju and Papi on Monday night, then drive on down to Kaohsiung...  David, still at work in Italy, will meet us Wednesday night there..  then we can all finally celebrate and welcome the Lunar Year!  For tonight, it is me with DVD and the fried rice.
Today's DVD of choice...  Maybe not so good, given the current mood.
Still, considering the awful Earthquake Tainan residents just suffered from, I must  put all into persfective and not feel sad for myself...  Must still be thankful for what I have, what we have...
And as we all celebrate and welcome the Year of the Monkey - be sure to say a little prayer for the victims and families of the Tainan Earthquake.  
Here's hoping the Year of the Monkey will bring us all smoother days, disaster free, and happiness all around.