Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Robin Auditions for Magic Mike 2

"Well, so okay, so it was only a COMEDY SKIT - but still, one can dream, right?  hahahahahaha...."

Still, this totally warrants a HUMP DAY entry, in my opinion....  Last Saturday, Joseph Gordon-Levitt - who at the end of Dark Knight Rises we learned, much to my delight, plays Robin , and could have his own Spin Off...- hosted Saturday Night Live....  He's done it before and done it really well, showing off his many talents including singing and dancing....
Well this weekend he showed off so much more - dancing plus grinding...   and humping...  and gyrating....  and of course, stripping....  never mind that he did not take off his pants and showed off thongs - as they did in Magic Mike...  what he did was more than enough to get everyone gushing and blushing....  myself included.....   and of course, is now HOTLY TRENDING all over the net....
Sadly, for some reason, am not able to post VIDEOs here anymore - so THIS LINK from Perez Hilton's BLOG will just have to do - if you care to see it....
But if you ask me, even fully dressed he is SEXY!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Artful Week

A favorite pastime of mine, ART WATCHING...   it is GREAT stress relieving....  and inspirational...  if you are someone like me whose taste in Art and Exhibition is sooooo varied, then you will never run out of things to see....  And one of the BEST things about living in Taipei is that, everywhere you turn, you are exposed to something artsy and/or art related....  Well after all, they did say that ART IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER!
First up was taking in the Barbie Exhibition, as it was ending by the 27th of this month....  over 100 Barbie dolls and accessories - from Vintage (1959) to Modern) - all on loan from local Taiwanese Designer & Personality (and a personal friend) Goji Lin...   It was GREAT seeing the exhibition...  seeing so much Barbie & Friends out on view....  sadly, for someone like me, it was quite unorganized....  no real rhyme or reason for the way all was displayed... I saw and heard quite a few oooohs and aaaaahs from many visitors - young and old....
See more of the Photos Here: Barbie Fashion Box
Next up for me was the LEGO Exhibition.... in one word: AMAZING!!!  This is not your childhood LEGO art, of course... instead, they are all AMAZING WORK intricate work of art by Nathan Sawaya - already all his LEGO work that has been exhibited worldwide.  And it isn't just that each pice consists of hundreds, and thousands even, of LEGO pieces - each ARTWORK is well thought of and even comes with such sentiments behind their creations....
The Three Pieces I Love Most from the Exhibition!

And Sunday, after Church, I decided to make is a Sunday Art Stroll by heading to the Zhongshan Underground MRT Station  Area all the way to MOCA....  always have great installations from local artists - both up and coming and well known....  the sliding gate from each shop alone are great canvases...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wonderful Wet Wednesday

Just as promised...  today was a complete turn around from yesterday's events....  just took it a bit easy... did not let anything get to me....  just went about doing my own biz, finishing up what was needed to done...  and packed all that is needed to be ready for tomorrow's PO Pick Up....   and all went as smooth as I could have hoped for....  With everything done for the day, it was time to have a little break...  to get some good vibrations back and have a few smiles - all around.... 
Started the the break with a movie....  Johnny and I went to see RESIDENT EVIL 6 : RETRIBUTION ...  in 3D!!!     Forget the plot, it's always FUN to see Milla doing what she does best - shoot the UNDEAD and look great and sexy doing it... since it was 3D, I did find myself at the end of my seat or ducking from all the things flying about, a few times..... LOL...
Then we headed back to pick Juju up and though it was a rainy day for the most part, we managed to get to ShinKong Mitsukoshi area in the Nanxi District...  walked around, checked out the latest from Paul Frank, OUTDOOR, DIESEL, CHOCOLATE, STAY REAL, etc....  even got to admire the latest wall Grafitti installations on each floor of the young and hip building....  always a joy to see the new ones up.....  this building caters mostly to the younger crowd so it is always trying to be artsy and hip....  The we  had our dinner and COLDSTONE dessert, of course - last nite treat for Johnny, as he is heading back to KAOHSIUNG tonite...  we ran around the three building till almost 9PM, then it we headed for the bus.....
Played with Juju for the rest of the nite, then Johnny took her home to her house, then he took off for the Train Station....  and here I am unwinding and finishing up the day...  actually, past 12 midnite now so it is already a brand new day....  on that note I bid you all a good MorNyt....  am off to bed...  with a BIG SMILE on my face...
@ Shin Kong Mitsukoshi: Nanxi District

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lost In Translation: Sept 18, 2012

Yesterday was just one of those days where I should have known better - just stayed in bed and skip the day altogether....   LOL!   It was nothing major really, just little things that added up making for one really tiring - mentally and physically - in a very weird way day...
Oddly enough, it started off pretty well....  had a nice sleep... got up early...  had my coffee and started answering emails and doing work as I wait for a COURIER SERVICE delivery...  always schedule them the first half of the day - so I can go about my other BIZ on the second half...  and it was to be a full schedule day....  well, almost 12 pm and they have yet to arrive...   so I called to see where they were and to get an update....   well, instead of telling me  arriving, the delivery guy ranted on and on what a trying day they were having....  after about 5 mins of him yapping and me not getting an answer, I stopped him from talking and ask bluntly, "Sir, pls just tell me what time you think you will be arriving?  How much longer before I can expect you?"   To which he replied with the same rants and went over the same crap again from the beginning...  LOL....  had to stop him again and told him not to bother coming and I will instead look for a different service....  and hung up....  he called back, not to apologize but to once again, explain the same ship - I totally blew my fuse - but instead of shouting, I just hung up and not pick up his calls anymore....  DONE WITH THAT!
Then it was one after another little miscommunications with different peeps...  from the local 7-11 people to my dinner companions...  somehow we ended up, yes at COLDSTONE where we are to meet - except in two different Department Stores - quite far away from each other...  adding to the frustration was the fact that I was pushing Juju's stroller the whole time, to give them relief from having to carry Juju around....   So instead of hooking up, I decided to just have dinner on my own and call it a night....
One after another, indeed....  which left me feeling of something amiss, or that am missing something... and worse, maybe my command of Chinese was not as good as I thought....  waaaaah....
Anyway, today is another day... here's hoping it will turn for the better and I do not end up feeling like an ASS again...  and as it is HUMP DAY we will go with the ASS theme end leave you with Jake Cuenca's ASS EXPOSURE at the recently concluded BENCH UNIVERSE 2012 Fashion Show!
“Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness
and just be happy.” 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

beating the MONDAY BLUES....

Lots of catching up to do with work and life in general...  especially after being gone for almost the whole week last.....   still am not complaining.... it was a FUN getaway...  still FRESH in the mind....  so I go about my MONDAY - ready to face the world after a cup of coffee...  make that two cups... :)
Laundry... House Cleaning....  Post Office Pick Ups....  Received Shipments from China....  Banking...  Answering TONS of emails....  and just plain catching up.....
"Best to take a moment present
As a present, for the moment."
But it was not all work - I made sure of that....  you know me, I always try to schedule the day just right... breaking the workday with a little bit of this and a little bit of that....   first break came with a GYM BREAK...  this is a MUST as I seem to have carried a few extra baggage back from Jeju...  around my TUMMY!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Then a little before 6PM, I packed up for the day, got ready and went for a stroll with Johnny and Juju through Dajia Riverside Park....  hitting all the FAVE SPOTS: Rainbow Bridge, Raohe Night Market, Raohe Temple, and even ventured all the way to WuFanFu, Taipei's clothing market....  so overall, it was a great day to get back into the swing of things...  :)
The added BONUS was finding this box of GOODIES, from a friend in Japan,  waiting for me in my Post Office Box...  SWEET!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stormy Saturday

Got back in the wee hours of the morning from a nice getaway trip to Jeju Island, So Korea....   though I have been to Korea many times before, this was my first to this part of the country....  it was a tiring, but none-the-less, fun filled 4 days - roaming around the streets, checking out Phoenix Island, and eating some delicious but Oh-So-Hot Food....  But that's for another BLOG...  which I should be able to catch up on as soon as I get settled in these next two days.....   so much to SHARE and CATCH UP ON....
Right now am basically just keeping up/catching up with all....   I would complain about coming home to the rain but it is actually nice as it made me stay home and do work.... get a grasp of things at hand...  follow up with emails...  and even DELETE - what was very much in need of DELETION!
Twisted Words, Twisted Thoughts... You are worse than a Twister...
So Keep Twisting Away... 
Far away from me...
Did get to go out for a bit though, as we found Exhibition tickets that was expiring today... so we rushed to the National Museum to take in the POP UP BOOK EXHIBITION....  it seemed nice... I say seemed as it was hard to get close to anything with the amount of people in attendance....  almost not worth going at all - so rewarded ourselves with Mister Donuts instead - always a nice Picker Upper....    Overall a nice rainy day for me....  Twister and All!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Looooong Days!!!

Everyday ON THE GO for me this week... Aside from the daily grind- house and work and baby sitting Juju, i was actually able to SQUEEZE a few more things..., Lunches at Gordon Birsch with Juliana... Plus Outback with Juju and family..,, Catch SAVAGES on the big screen... And even took in some oh the Fashion's Night Out Festivities ( see previous post)..... Whew!
Juju practicing her performance art by the Rainbow Bridge - Dajia Riverside...
Sept 6th: Lunch with Juliana at Gordon Birsch
Sept. 6th: Treating Juju and Todd for some McDonalds... 
 a Fave of Todd's and Juju's FAVE playground!
Sept 7th:  Steaks for lunch at the OUTBACK!!!
Then took in the MAYDAY Exhibition once more....
and capped off the night riding Miramar's Taipei Eye!
Sept 9th: Dinner @ Mitsukoshi with Juju, Todd, and Tori... 
even COLDSTONE Ice Cream
(Peanut Butter and Chocolate for me - YUMMY!!!) for dessert!!!
Next week will be just as Busy as i will be off to Korea with The Wus for a Surprise 4 day trip!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fashion's Night Out X Taipei

It is that time of the year once more where, fashion conscious, and not-so, celebrates and shops till the late hours of the nite... All for a Great Cause!!!

In Taipei, the event sponsored by VOGUE Taiwan magazine, gets a week long celebration in Taipei... And another week more down south, Kaohsiung. Since late last week, VOGUE set up various displays all over the Warner Viewshow area promoting the event.... A trailer truck all decked out is parked by the NEO 19 building that entices and invites everyone to join in on the fun and help spread the word online interactively via Facebook.... Had the pleasure to have been asked to participate, as well....

In Taipei, everything culminates tonight with a Fashion Show Event at 6PM in the same area... More coverage later...
 The Fashionista Traveling Van.
The Fashion Exhibition - Participating Designers Highlighted.
Celebrities and Models Walk the Runway!!!
FNO Bottles Invades the area!!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Action Star!

Okay forget GI Joe, where he was masked most of the time.... and in the recent Dark Knight Rises, the end shows promise of a franchise Robin movie in the wings (one can hope!) - run to the theatres (or catch the DVD) and see Joseph cycling his was to some adrenaline pumping stunts in the movie Premium Rush.
He plays the TOP NY bicycle messenger that somehow got embroiled in some shady espionage/mafia related stuff....  story actually quite simple, but the storytelling is what makes the difference....  the whole movie spans just a day in a life of his character - juggling his love life & work all the while navigating through the busy streets of NY....  always trying to be one step ahead of the situation - trying to figure out his way through traffic and what could be accidents by seeing his possible ways through in his head, in seconds... Then he is called in his old Alma mater to pick up a package and to be delivered in Chinatown - simple enough, but NO!   All else ensues and saying much more would be giving away the whole film....  
It is just AMAZING seeing this really talented actor tackle on such diverse roles and he always delivers....  am glad that he took on this action role and not some "shoot em up", "bloody fighting" types of action films.... His lean physique makes it believable for him to be in this kind of job....  and his ways (mostly by using his head) in dealing with obstacles makes him an intellectual action hero - again even more believable....   The stunts are pretty cool....  I was at the edge of my seat a few times....  I was able to overlook the campyness of the bad guy....  the bad Chinese wanna be accent of the damsel in distress....  and the cheesy love troubles....  Was a nice excuse to be out of the heated sunny afternoon and still get some adrenaline pumping, indeed...
Mr Gordon-Levitt was recently on the cover of GQ Magazine too...  looking very dashing....  and the photos inside are pretty nice, too...  He can make being totally dressed look very sexy!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bench Universe

Yep, it is that much awaited time once more in Manila, Philippines... The time when Hot & Up and Coming Models, Actors, Starlets, and other celebrity struts their stuff on the runway... And i do mean their stuff, as most will be walking he Bench catwalk in their skivvies... Much to many screaming fans delight....

The date is set for the 13th and the 14th of this month, September... Sadly, will be relying on DVD and You Tube once more for coverage... I just cannot seem to time it right that I could be in Manila formone of these events... :(

Anyhow, one of the thrills the past few years for Bench Fans, myself included, is Jake Cuenca... It is said that this is to be his last year as he wants to take a break from being admired for his sexiness... But do not fret my friends, as he promises to be even bolder than ever for this event... Wonder how much BOLDER that could be when he stripped right down to a jockstrap a few years back? 
Well, for now, we will all just have to wait and see...
For now feast on past and present advert with Jake for Bench...
and TEASER POSTER for the BENCH UNIVERSE EVENT promoting the other celebrities that will be walking the catwalk in their skivvies - make sure everyone's Temperature Stays Hot!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

what Makes a Man???

Just last week, I have been told that: "... I’m a thousand times more a man than you can ever dream you’d be. What I’ve accomplished in life you can’t even accomplish in your dreams."   Hmmmmm....

This got me really thinking....  what does make a man???   Is it really having kids, a wife, a husband, a Partner?  Being able to PROVIDE for them?  Having a stable job?  Is it all about being able to buy a House?  Drive a Car?   Joining the Service and fighting for your country?  
I suppose, it is all that - for some....   let's even say for most....   But does it make me a lesser man, a thousand times less to be exact, that I do not have any of those...  that I did not do any of those....  nor I even dream most of those.... 
Still, am sure it counts, and correct me if you feel am wrong, that I lived my life as HONEST as I could...  trying throughout, as best I could, not to hurt anyone or anything as I struggle my way through life....   supported myself through college and beyond....   traveled and seen as much of the world as I could.... all of these on my own hard earned money....   followed my dreams, gambled in life, and put up my own business....  made somewhat of a name for myself....   and tried to give back in any way I could - be it giving to charities, donating my time and whatever else I could.....  
I live life as full as I know how, and care to.....   had my heart broken a few times and still chose to love again instead of losing hope...  have more people in my life I can TRULY call friends, instead of fake friends....   can still count on my one hand whom I truly consider as my enemy....   love most everyone for the most part...  always giving everyone else the benefit of the doubt and never be judgemental....  Help out friends and family, in anyway I can... and provided for my parents, whenever asked, and especially in the hours of their needs - to their dying breath  - without them having to ask... or worse, beg....  
So, if any of these does not make one a man - then most everyone I know also  have failed in becoming one....  but STILL, am Proud of whatever accomplishments I have made in my life - no matter how small they are in other people's eyes....   Proud of all the loves, the friendships & family I have made, I have had, I still have.....   Proud of all the things I ahve done and choices I ahve made..... Proud of all the memories and experiences I have accumulated all these years - pain and struggles included, as they are part of what makes us who we are...  what MAKES US MEN!
So you can take your house, your family, your life's convictions, your false perfection, and blind perception of what makes a happy family, a happy life  - they are yours... they are what makes you a man... but your words do not belittle me....   I do not, nor will I ever, accept that you are a thousand more a man than I am....  than I will ever be...  because for all your reasoning - you were never there for me growing up in any way - physically, emotionally, & least of all, financially....  and now that I am grown up, I choose not to have you in my life....  not that I did not give you a chance - as I did... but time and time again, you have proven yourself unworthy of my time, my support, my love....
Instead, I choose to live my life same as I always have - without regrets, surrounded by loving and positive people - friends & family...  take life with it's UPS & DOWNS....   happiness and sorrows...  triumphs and frustrations....   and through it all, Be Proud Of the Man I Have Become!!!
"What Makes a Man a Man, A friend once wondered. Is it his origins, the way he comes to life?
I don't think so. Its the choices he makes; not how he starts things
but how he decides to end things."
-Guillermo Del Toro

Holiday Season Officially Starts

...and leading the way it this Uber Cute, Uber Stylish collaboration between Barney's New York and Disney...  Introducing, Barneys Holiday theme campaign - taking a Cute to Walt Disney's world famous, Electrical Parade : "Electric Holiday" to be unveiled to the public come Nov. 14th....  But o course, tidbits, info and even some photos have been surfacing all over the web... and even causing a few to stress (over the characters' - Minnie, Daisy & Co - new found lankiness/skinniness - to don the Designer Duds, of course!!!
This festive season, Barneys’ Madison Avenue flagship will feature a three-dimensional electric light show; a moving art short film in the window displays that will turn Disney’s most favorite heroes into runway supermodels and fashion regulars into Disney types, and an original score by Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino.

It has been stated that: "Barneys worked closely with Disney to make sure the concept was as true to the real fashion world as possible.   The world of the Paris fashion shows, of fashion, of people in fashion, of the rituals, all of the idiosyncrasies. Everything had to be authentic. It really had to hit the nail on the head in every detail.”

The short film centers around Minnie Mouse’s fantasy to be at the Paris shows. There she comes across key Disney characters — Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck, Cruella de Vil, Princess Tiana and Snow White — all decked out in unique designer clothes as they make their way down the runway.   For the occasion, as seen in the Press Released photos so far,  Minnie is all decked out in Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, Goofy by Olivier Rousteing for Balmain, & Daisy by Dolce & Gabbana.  Other charcters already confirmed to be all decked out for the Holidays are  Cruella De Ville by Rick Owens, Princess Tiana by Proenza Schouler and Snow White by Peter Copping for Nina Ricci.
In collaboration with this Holiday Campaign, Barneys will be offering  an exclusive, limited collection of holiday items at Chelsea Passage, select Barneys stores and, including several collectible Vinylmation figures designed by Paul Smith and Diane von Furstenberg, and Mickey Mouse ears from Rag & Bone and L’Wren Scott. And so much more....  Barneys will donate 25 percent of sales from Electric Holiday products to a charity, undisclosed yet.
It seems that FASHION is high on Disney’s agenda these days. It has been said that, for a different project, the company  tapped several London designers, including Giles Deacon, Michael van der Ham and Richard Nicoll, to celebrate Minnie Mouse’s status as a cartoon fashion plate, and Meadham Kirchhoff will unveil a Minnie Mouse collaboration during its spring 2013 show. Proceeds of sales of the project’s items will go to the British Fashion Council/Bazaar Fashion Arts Foundation.

I, for one, cannot wait to see this project take center stage....  I only wish that I will be LUCKY person.  Or even just on the net will suffice, just as long as I get to see it all...  and of course, the VINYL offerings in collaboration with various designers are total MUST HAVEs!!!