Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lost In Translation: Sept 18, 2012

Yesterday was just one of those days where I should have known better - just stayed in bed and skip the day altogether....   LOL!   It was nothing major really, just little things that added up making for one really tiring - mentally and physically - in a very weird way day...
Oddly enough, it started off pretty well....  had a nice sleep... got up early...  had my coffee and started answering emails and doing work as I wait for a COURIER SERVICE delivery...  always schedule them the first half of the day - so I can go about my other BIZ on the second half...  and it was to be a full schedule day....  well, almost 12 pm and they have yet to arrive...   so I called to see where they were and to get an update....   well, instead of telling me  arriving, the delivery guy ranted on and on what a trying day they were having....  after about 5 mins of him yapping and me not getting an answer, I stopped him from talking and ask bluntly, "Sir, pls just tell me what time you think you will be arriving?  How much longer before I can expect you?"   To which he replied with the same rants and went over the same crap again from the beginning...  LOL....  had to stop him again and told him not to bother coming and I will instead look for a different service....  and hung up....  he called back, not to apologize but to once again, explain the same ship - I totally blew my fuse - but instead of shouting, I just hung up and not pick up his calls anymore....  DONE WITH THAT!
Then it was one after another little miscommunications with different peeps...  from the local 7-11 people to my dinner companions...  somehow we ended up, yes at COLDSTONE where we are to meet - except in two different Department Stores - quite far away from each other...  adding to the frustration was the fact that I was pushing Juju's stroller the whole time, to give them relief from having to carry Juju around....   So instead of hooking up, I decided to just have dinner on my own and call it a night....
One after another, indeed....  which left me feeling of something amiss, or that am missing something... and worse, maybe my command of Chinese was not as good as I thought....  waaaaah....
Anyway, today is another day... here's hoping it will turn for the better and I do not end up feeling like an ASS again...  and as it is HUMP DAY we will go with the ASS theme end leave you with Jake Cuenca's ASS EXPOSURE at the recently concluded BENCH UNIVERSE 2012 Fashion Show!
“Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness
and just be happy.”