Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Husband's Lover Bois!!!

Just had to get this in before Hump Day goes by...  Am totally obsessing on this new series...  
And of course, the Men who makes my week nights: Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, & Victor Basa!!!
Oh the Drama!!!  The storyline between Eric and Vince are heating up once more....  Yeah!!!
Soooooo Thankful I can catch this on YOU TUBE!!!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I Did It!!!  I survived the Looooooomg wait to see - not only Superman resurrected and revitalized, but to see Henry Cavill inhabit the suit and do justice to the uniform!!!  
It was quite a ride...  And am glad I was able to witness it
on the first day of it's release in Taiwan..  And the first showing, too!!!  
Now Bring on the Sequel and the Justice League movie already!!!
yes, I even came with a few SUPERFRIENDS to root the Man of Steel on!!!

I just LOVE this photo!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Thank You!!

A year older and a day.,.  So far so good..  
Still joyous for all the Wonderful Greetings and Wishes received...  And am still receiving...
Thank You All so very much!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Day 2013

Well, not much can be said about this year's BDay - it was pretty uneventful with touches of frustrations here and there..  Still, it was a day full of reflecting and being Thankful for surviving another year... 

The day started on a sour note - waking up to a stressful note on FB...  Something that could have been resolved quite easily but ended up with an hour's worth of back and forth... Having to defend myself for things I should not have to..  In the end, i took the high ground to put it to rest..  Just cut my losses and went on..

By the time i finished with this, it was just enough   time to get ready and make my way   to church...  During this Sunday's service, i was a bit put off by something the  Priest said about Karma...  His stance on it totally put me off...  I mean, I have always felt that religions are to be taken for what is good in it and what applies to one, the rest can just be ignored...  But his views on Karma, i just could not shake off.. Almost to a point that I wanted to raise my hand for discussion..  And/or just walk away...  I come from a view of being respectful to all religions..  To embrace CO EXISTENCE amongst all nations and religions but it was obvious this Priest was not...  Anyway, o sat through the whole service with every intention of writing to the Parish later on...

Then, as with most birthdays, I wanted yo do something meaningful in a way of giving back...  And one of the easiest and best I could think of is donate blood...  Went to the local Red Cross, much to my sadness, Blood Donations are no longer accepted from foreign nationals...  I never knee that hiving could have so much red tape around it..  So I walked away, a bit sad...

All of that sadness and frustrations was alleviated by treating myself to a showing of, Now You See Me - a really slick movie that is both trippy, mind boggling and absolutely satisfying!!!

Wanted to top it off by "Having It My Way" at Burger King on Nanjing East Rd.. On the way back home.. Sadly, this particular BK had closed...  Instead I chose to eat at KFC..  Which was not a bad alternate as I git to try their Spicy Chicken Wrap and the oh so yummy, Mango Tart...

Now  capping off my nite, sitting by Dajia Riverside Park...  Admiring the night light.. Watching all the bikers and runners... enjoying the breeze..  And of course, writing this entry - best place to do so, if you ask me...  

So even with the frustrations and disappointments here and there..  Things not going as I would have wanted them to - am still Grateful..  Grateful for making it through another year.,.  Grateful for the highs and even the lows  as they thought me something about life and myself...  

Most of all, Grateful for my family, friends and love ones...  The dearly departed and the ones who have come in and out of my life...  For I believe that each and everyone has come into my life,for one   reason or another, imparting wisdom, beautiful memories,  & love... and even Grateful  for those who have hurt me - as I know that from them I acquired more strength ...  Strength to face more trials, more high and lows, and more of whatever else life has in store for me... 

Here's to another year of living life as best I could and facing all with a SMILE on my Face - Smiles to Share with the World...  
Thought that was the end of my day but I got one more surprise at the end of the night...  Juju with her Papi were waiting for me at home with a SPECIAL BDAY cake....  Juju, with the help of Papi sang me the "Happy you" song as she calls it... help me blow out the candles - am either 12 or 21...  either way it is fine by me...- and truly put a smile on my face... nice way to end my special day....  sadly, Mami was still at work - catching up from work demands especially after being in JAPAN for a week....  but am thankful as I know she was behind this lovely gesture....  :)