Monday, September 16, 2013

Still In Summer Mode

Yes it is already Autumn..  It is apparent in the air and the falling leaves...  Still, most days the Sun shines as if it is still Summer..    So with that in mind, i just trimmed my hair as if it is indeed, still Summer...

I actually like it as it feels a whole lot lighter...  
And since am a No Fuzz Groomer, i can once again just Shower, tussle the hair a bit and Go!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hump Day Special!

Can't believe I have actually been able to religiously follow this GMA Telesrye...  Still obsessed and Amazed and at times, Baffled, with the twist n turns of the show - but still am enjoying it enough to follow along and ride through it all - no matter how plausible and predictable things might get....  they still manage to surprise now and again....  and the ACTING never fails - either just right on from the leads - or over the top from the supporting casts....  
Of Course having these two eye candies, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo, help a whole lot!!!
A few of my FAVE My Husband's Lover moments.