Sunday, June 19, 2011


Spent a few hours at the little pone's home this afternoon.... just got back as I need to prepare for the RED EYE flight once more later on.... actually need to take the BUS to get to the Taoyuan Airport sometime after 9PM.... and of course, without fail, the RAIN has come.... we are actually supposed to get a Typhoon here in Taiwan - just hope my flight has taken off by then... HERE"S PRAYING!!!

Anyway, a fun afternoon with the little one.... we spent a few mins up on their balcony... enjoying the breeze and Wu Papa's lovely flowers.... even got to view a pretty RAINBOW!!!! then played and eat, before she started acting like she was ready to sleep.... 15 mins bao bao (cradling) and she is fast asleep...was able to put her in her crib where she slept soundly for an hour.... when she woke up, she looked for me right away... picked her up and she fell asleep for another half hour on my chest.. hahahahahahaha

The funniest part today was, when I was changing her diapers - she actually fooled me, crawled and ran away.... did not want to wear her replacement one... LOL.... of course, I snapped a few shots.... how else will we EMBARRASSED her later on in life - with her BF or Husband to be... hahahahahahahaha...

WEI DAO*味道*Taste

at last nite's concert - i was reminded of this FAVE Chinese song:
Wei Dao*味道*Taste -such LYRICS!!!

Originally, beautifully sung by a woman, Winnie Hsin, but it works for Men as well - as sung here by HK Pop Star Jacky Cheung.... :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

be@rbricks updates

The recent trek to Monster Gear with Juliana (June 16th) got me all "googley eyes" again about one of my Obsessions in Life - Be@rbricks... We went and picked up the latest TOKIDOKI be@rbrick release - which brings mine up to 6 total!!!While there, I also got to see the soon to be released SERIES 22 LINE UP, from Japan Medicom Toys this June 2011.... another cool collection with entries from DC Comics' Green Lantern, Pirates of the Carribean (regular version pictured & a Mystery Special one), Disney's Cars 2, UNO the game, and the Japanese anime Black Rock Shooter - to name a few... here's the shot of the line up:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

3 Part Love Affair: John Legend Style

just one of those nights.... feeling like a walking wounded.... now just loving the smooth voice of John Legend...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cyndi Loves You!!!

well, when she first debuted many years ago anyway.... now she uis just plain "Sticky".... well, maybe not - but that is th title of her latest album... the one she was promoting at Kaohsiung's Dream Mall when we happen upon her, over the Dragon Boat Festival Weekend....

It was a TREAT... though am not really a fan.... still I was entertained as she sang and danced through a couple of numbers... and signed her CDs and posed for photographs with all those who purchased the latest from her.... She actually sang well... and even dance better that I thought.... just really cannot stand her speaking voice..... another mature Idol speaking like a Teenage Girl.... that was the drawback for me...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

and the beat goes on....

the beat of my life that is.... a couple of hours more and this BDay has come and gone once again..... Over all it was a nice, quiet, uneventful, smooth day... no major troubles with work... got all the shipping I needed to get out - out..... got to church.... and though it looked as if it was thunder and rain this afternoon, it still stopped after an hour or so, and the sun smiled again in the afternoon....I Guess the only thing I did not get to do, and would have loved to have been able to do, was go to the Gym.... I just ran out of time tonite.. boo hoo.... oh yeah, and that iPad 2 did not come after all.... Oh Well, there is always next Bday.... or tomorrow...

Just noticed below.... i SHARE this BDAY with Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Michael J Fox, & Cole Porter - all FAVES of mine!!!! WOW!!!!

My Day: Just Another Day

yep... it is that time of the year once more.... another year older... another year wiser.... one can HOPE anyway....Align Center

I Thank the Lord for another year.... though it has been full of DOWNs this past year - I still am THANKFUL and would not TRADE it for the world... only one I would care to change - my Mom's condition.... everything else, I would andAlign Center will take on... for better or for worse.... just like in the song, a FAVE of mine, "What About Love":

"I'll take the rivers rise.... I'll take the Happy Times.... I'll take the Moments of Disasters..." So for this Birthday of mine, I wish Blessings & Happiness for Us All!!!

Now Back to Work for me.....

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Melting in Kaohsiung

This year's Dragon Boat Festival Weekend is spent down south, Kaohsiung.... all the years I have lived in Taiwan, it is my first time to do so.... and except for the Sun being way too hot during the Summer Months - Kaohsiung was a great choice for the festivities....

It was a last minute thing - since Jewel and her parents were driving down to Nantou, we decided to hitch a ride to Taichung (2 Hrs down) and take the speed train from there.... about 50 mins.... cutting the travel time at least by half, if we would have taken the bus we normally take....

It was well worth it - would have been better if the SUN was not too hot... but am not complaining.... Kaohsiung is TRULY a pretty city and just keeps getting prettier.... always too many things going on to see and enjoy... Justify Full

Posting a few pics for now... will catch up with the writing soon.... actually started this on the 4th but had no WIFI on my laptop - and for some reason, via iPhone, I could not write or UPLOAD... hence, reason why am just now posting this....Taking in the NOSTAGIC Exhibition @ Dream Mall, my FAVE Mall!!!

Dragon Boat Races @ Love River and of course, no visit down south is complete without a BREAKFAST outing @ IKEA....