Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Fighter

The Fighter was not on my list of movies to see, really... am not one for BOXING or any movies that's got to do with Boxing.... all that punching... all that bleeding... hmmm, just not my kind of escapism.... As much as I like Robert De Niro, I have never seen Raging Bull... probably his only film I never got to see.... and probably never will... I did see Million Dollar Baby just because I like and respect the kind of movies Clint Eastwood directs....

The came The Fighter, with it's top notch cast: Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Melissa Leo, et al... already tempting but still the subject matter did not attract me so... that is of course, I saw the trailer and just could not believe my eyes when I saw Christian Bale... how gawky and sickly he looked; and how it looked like it was going to be one of those really nuanced performance, once again... and it was.... anyone who goes to see this movie will just be Blown Away.... and will probably say exactly what I did after finishing the film: "Give the guy an OSCAR, already!" And if they had switched up the storyline and made it really all about his character, he would be a shoo-in for Best Actor, instead of Best Supporting Actor.... He Truly is just getting better and better with his craft... and sooo unrelenting and fearless in what he does for his movies....
Not that am saying Mark Wahlberg was not good - he was... he also did his role justice and has also evolved into a very fine actor... and you will be BLOWN AWAY by his built - quite the opposite of Christian Bale, he is beefy to the max.... even Hotter than his Calvin Klein days.... and not sure what it is, he actually looked younger here that he has looked in years... His character is a man of not many words but you can see all the emotions in his face... his eyes expresses so much that you just feel for him...

The two supporting actresses, Amy Adams and Melissa Leo are TOP FORM too... if I am the Academy, I would have such a hard time who to pick between them to give the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress to... Amy Adams, maybe just by a hair, just because I have never seen, nor would I have even imagined her, in a role such as this... trashy, tough talking, and raw... so for me, her acting was a revelation and had so much depth...

There were other characters in the mix - and all the players did a wonderful job embodying the roles they were all playing... like I sad, TOP NOTCH PERFORMANCES ALL AROUND.... and as an added bonus, the movie really was NOT just a BOXING movie... yes it dealt with the life of boxing brothers - but dealt in so much more than that... the family drama was heart wrenching in so many parts, even when the family is being happy - you still feel sorry for them as you know deep down, they were all living such a sorry life... now am not sure if the real family was so - especially the many sisters, as it was not dealt with much - but in the movie you see and feel it all..

I cannot wait to see how the movie will fare at the Oscars come Sunday nite... and I can tell you this, will not look at Boxing movie the same way ever again....

Friday, February 25, 2011

sometimes... you just gotta go it alone...

Okay, right of the bat - do not think anything heavy here.... just lack of a title really.... sometimes, one just really have to do thing on their own, no matter how much more fun it would have been with another person... or at least, less tricky, desperate and frustrating when
taking photos...

A couple of years now, I have heard about this MRT Station in Taipei, that is decorated with so much, one of my Fave Artists, Jimmy Liao's paintings.... Have been wanting and dreaming of going there to check it out, as he is a FAVE of mine.... Tried to get someone, just about anyone to go with me and check it out - for one it is a bit outside of Taipei - so a company would have been nice... and two, I know it would be more fun and less STUPID like to take photos on my own.... Sadly, no one has had the time... everytime it was put on the schedule to see - it got cancelled and pushed aside... and seeing more write ups about the place in local mags or papers, not to mention photos of it on FLickr, made me wish to see it more....

One nite this week, I decided to just got it alone... the weather not too good but not too bad either - and I pretty much knew already the vicinity it is in, , so I would not be afraid to even get lost... plus, I can ask for my way back home, am pretty sure... and I was SOOOOO VERY GLAD I did.... for a Jimmy Liao fan, it was really a sight to see,,,,, sooo much of his works, well loved character graces the MRT Station - just about everywhere.... Large walls covered with his art was just like HEAVEN for me... I was once again a little boy lost in my fantasy world...Okay now for the sad part, well, funny really if you can IMAGINE it... whenever the TIMER on my digi cam fails me, I had to resort to stopping - nice & friendly looking travelers - to actually stop and SNAP a shot of me - A LOT!!! A lot as the station is big enough that one must go from places to places to see and admire everything...The station, which opened on 2007, boasted the permanent installations of Jimmy Liao works.... and it has remained one of the Best Destinations even if you just want to get off the MRT to check it out and take photos, for both locals and tourists... and on this nite, I spotted at least, 4 different people - doing what I was doing... taking photos and getting embarrassed upon noticing that they are being watched... hahahahahaha... But of course, am a Professional - did not let all the passersby giving me weird looks deter me from my mission... snapped away I did... running quickly to get in the shot using the timer... and yes, begging others to do the snap for me...

All In All, it was a Great Trip... and am soooo very glad I got to do it, even on my own... another one Checked Off on my To See List....


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Porter, If You Please!!!

Seems like everywhere I turn, buses, magazines, movies, tv , etc..., I see this ICONIC LOGO.... Even Manila just opened up a Porter Shop in Rockwell!!! Porter is already a FAVE LOGO way back when, during the countless treks to Japan - but it was just one of those Designer Labels that was ALWAYS TOO PRICEY -until now....

I remember seeing and admiring them in Japan number of times... but I always OPT for COMME CA DU MODE, clothing & accessory - for financial reasons... hehehehehe... But the recent resurgence of the Porter Brand in Asia, especially here in Taiwan made me take notice once more.... and boy, am I glad I did... the prices have come down considerably... Am told that Reatil in Japan is still quite HIGH - but the Brand has made a separate line for the Global Market and they have made them affordable... and from what I see - they really are!!!

Though not usually permitted, I talked the good folks of Porter International @ SOGO Department Store in Taipei, into letting me snap a few shots of their boutique... check them out - am sure you will fall for them, too!!!

COOL SELECTIONS: Stylish & Available in a Variety of Colors!!!
CURRENT AD seen all over Taiwan - Buses, Mags, Newspapers.

SOGO Shop Photos Here

And Be Sure to Check Out the wewly operational, Porter Pop Up Shop @ Rockwell - Manila Philippines - if you happen to be in the neighborhood... right next to another fave of mine, Fred Perry!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

"a little fall of rain, could hardly hurt me now..."

... nor would I let it STOP ME from getting out and about this weekend.... and it was not just a little drop of rain - it was NON-STOP rain for the most part the last few days here in Taipei.... WET & COLD, that's the weather in my neck of the woods lately.... I think there was one day break we had last week, and that was the day I took care of Jewel the whole day and nite - so Wu Papa can go Enjoy the Flora Exhibition.... my GOOD DEED for the week... hahahahahahahahaha

Anyway, the weekend was still quite a full one for me.... looking back, I really know how to keep myself busy and occupied - and that is just fine by me, as am not one to just IDLE the day away..... reminds me of one of the BEST Compliments I ahve ever gotten from Lyn: "Rudi, I am amazed at how you always know how to plan your days... and have the energy to just keep going, keep doing things..." and I ALWAYS WILL!!!

so here's a RECAP of my weekend - just sharing...

SATURDAY, the 19th:
Dinner with the girls @ Royal Host... always a fun time, sitting around and chatting with Juliana, Sue n Cecilia... catching up is always FUN!

Right after, I went on to see the Annual Chinese Lantern Festival @ the Sun Yet San Memorial Park... always a treat to see all the beautiful, ornate, hand crafted and some, hand painted Lanterns on display... it was TRULY magical for me... Year after Year... :))
SUNDAY, the 20th
Rained really hard, so I was having a slow start... but i did manage to get myself together and drag my ass to the Bus Stop and headed on to church.... sometimes, I have a hard time going but once there, am always enjoying the service and of course, the music....Another reason why I really need to go was to take in the GAUGUIN Exhibition at the Fine Arts Museum.... it was the last day so no excuses.... long lines and all once there.... took me almost an hour and a half in line to get in... all that and am not even a big GAUGUIN fan... no matter, it was still nice to see.... Musuems are always interesting, fun, and a wonderful experience.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Premiums * Premiums * Premiums

Cannot believe I have been so behind in photographing and sharing my latest acquisitions of Premium Toys.... Vinyl toys that are FAVEs of mine from McDonalds & Mister Donut... so here goes:

DORAEMON: Current Premium Tie Ins for McDonalds.... Doraemon doubles as the 12 Lunar Calendar Animals... of course I got the DRAGON, one... :))

Mister Donut's Premium to welcome the New Year... the shops mascot sits atop the Fortune Boat, that doubles as a candy container.

These guys came out a few months back to benefit the Ronald McDonalds House Foundation... Set of 4. (Thanks Sue & Juliana!!!)

Not sure when this Jungle Book Premium was issued - came across this at one of the Toy Shops I frequent... MOWGLI - gottat have!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Just past by Taipei's UNIQLOBold shop - I swear this place changes almost every month... at least each and everytime I pass by.... in 4 months, I stopped by 3 times and each time, it was a totally different collection.... SO FAST, SO FUN!!!For Spring time, the biggest thing they are pushing are the NARUTO collection of tees... lots of designs to choose from... and judging by the shoppers baskets that I witnessed, the collection is a HIT here in Taipei...

Tang Yuan

Today marks the official end to the 15 day, Chinese New Year celebration... and as a tradition, Chinese all over the world marks the day by having a bowl, or two, of Tang Yuan. It is a bowl of sweet broth with ball dumplings made of glutinous rice flour, which can be filled with sesame, peanuts, or just plain.

Had my bowl tonite... YUMMY & FILLING!!!

for an easy to follow recipe in making Tang Yuan.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, All!!!

This day has soooo many different meanings to a lot of us.... some good, some bad, and to some, just another day.... all depends on where we are in our lives, in our relationships, in our situations.... which is BETTER?? hmmmmmmm... only we, ourselves, can TRULY attest to our own selves... But no matter... whether you are Taken, Not Taken, Will Be Taken, Wishes to be Taken, Do Not Wish for any of the Above - I WISH YOU ALL A SPECIAL VALENTINE'S DAY!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011


"If a person's basic state of mind is serene and calm, then it is possible for this inner peace to overwhelm a painful experience. On the other hand, if someone is suffering from depression, anxiety, or any form of emotional distress, then even if he or she happens to be enjoying physical comforts, he will not really be able to experience the happiness that those could bring"-Dalai Lama

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bound To You

One of this year's BIIIG Oscar omission - for sure.... am sooo PUZZLED why it did not, at least, get a nomination for Best Original Song...
Bound To You" from the movie, Burlesque...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year, 2011!!!

Here's hoping the Year of the Rabbit will be a Lucky, Fun-Filled, Peaceful,
& Prosperous To One and All!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

waiting... waiting... waiting....

What a way to start the new month... spent most of the day WAITING IN LINE - FOR REAL!!!-Waiting for the Speed Train for a 2 hour ride from Kaohsiung to Taoyuan Airport..
-Waiting for the Shuttle from the Speed Train to CKS Airport...
-Waiting for the PAL counter to open up so I could check in...
-Waiting to board the 2 Hr Flight to Manila...
-Waiting for the Transport from Terminal 2 back to the city......and that basically was my day!!! I was able to take a few photos though so this made all the waiting bearable....