Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Hump Day All!

Lots to do today... lots of running around as tonite I take the RED EYE Flight once more to Manila for another HURRIED, TIRING (emotionally & physically, am sure!) trip....

Just wanted to SHARE some HUMPY PHOTOS to get everyone through the week... :)
Starting off with MAROON 5's frontman Adam Levine - check out his cool interview with OUT Magazine: Open, Raw, Honest!

Part of D&G's Fall 2011 Ad Campaign:
One Tattoo is enough for me, but this shot of BECKHAM sure makes me think twice...
Something about this Taiwanese Model/Actor/Singer's hair (style & color) that makes him even sexier to me!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Meet the New BOSS Man!

Too Beautiful for words actor/model/singer, Jared Leto, is the new BOSS MAN... HUGO BOSS's been running their adverts both on TV and Magazines lately... and in ASIA a whole lot more - especially on CNN Asia and Travel & Living Stations... this must be on the heel of his band's (30 Seconds to Mars) latest Asian Concert Tour.Jared Leto, of course, first burst into the acting scene as the Boyfriend of Claire Danes on MTV's My So Called Life... and he went on to play second leads in such big movies as FIGHT CLUB with Brad Pitt & Edward Norton; Lord of War with Nicholas Cage; and Alexander with Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie and former HUGO BOSS man, John Rhys Myers ... Of late though, he has been concentrating on his music and with his band, 30 Seconds to Mars.

Ahhhhhh the JOYS of Youth!

Had a nice time of it yesterday watching kids slip and slide away at the DAHU PAR Pool.... a FAVE POOL of mine with an OLYMPIC sized pool to do laps in, an indoors pool for those who do not want to tan, Sauna, Steam and Water Massage areas for relaxation, and of course, a KIDDIE THEME water park....

Yesterday was a gloomy day... even rained alot - as it has been the last few days... with nothing else better to do, and NO SUN to burn the skin - decided to go for a dip at DAHU park... just over the bridge from where we live... it was just what I needed... refreshing waters, with hardly anyone at the pool - almost like having the Olympic sized pool to ourselves.... and quite enjoyed the Water Massage - been soooo long since I was here last....

The added bonus was watching the kiddies get sooooooo excited taking turns sliding down the water slide... and over and over they went doing so.... "Small simple pleasures, giant smiles sheer joy!"


Chinese Ghost Month or Chinese Ghost Festival, which started on the 31st of July is particularly heightened today, the 15th day of the 7th month in the Lunar Calendar... today is called Ghost Day... and for extra scare, tonite promises to be a full moon....

In Taiwan, it is believed that ghosts haunt the entire island of Taiwan during the seventh lunar month. The first day of the celebration is inaugurated by the opening of the gate of a temple which symbolizes the gates of hell. All the lamps on the main altar are lit during the twelfth day of the festival. On the thirteenth day, a procession of lanterns is held. A parade is held for releasing water lanterns is done during the fourteenth day of the festival. During the duration, incense and various foods are being offered and spirit paper money is burnt in order to please the wandering spirits. It is also believed that the addresses of houses being visited by the spirits should not be named.

So, today, I best be extra careful... no running by Dajia River... and will pretty much stay indoors... can never be too careful.... :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rainy Days & Mondays

Ok... am a day late with this post... but still counts as it is still a very rainy Tuesday...

Well, I got totally soaked Monday afternoon.... was out doing errands when it rain started raining Cats & Dogs.... Thunder and Lightning to boot.... so I decided to wait it out as I did not carry an umbrella when I left.... why would I, it was a beautiful nice morning with totally blue skies.... so the rain was truly unexpected.... But it was a delivery call... a shipment from CHINA I have been waiting on for a looooong time... so I had no choice... I did not want to miss this deliver and wait another day - so I said YES and ran home in the rain.... all 10 blocks!!! Made it home but wouldn't you know it, it took them another 2 hours to get to my home and deliver.... by that time the rain had already stopped... and of course, they decided to wait out the rain before making the delivery... nice of them to let me know... LOL...Now it is Tuesday.... and the rain has been off and on since morning.... Hard Rain, Light Rain, Blue Skies, Dark Clouds, & Rain Again! But that is fine as I have tons of packing to do - for the next couple of days' shipping.... I did manage to take a bit of a break - met up with Sue for a quickie lunch - and I Finally got to give her her BDay presents... a few days late... and to my Surprise, I got one, too... another BDay gift... :)) Aaaaaah, such is life... full of surprises & frustrations & happiness.... ironies, too.... and everything else...

***Here's to a Good Week All!!! Good Vibes, Good Vibes***

Monday, August 8, 2011


Just a little BTS Video with Super Hot Filipino Actor/Bench Endorser, Jake Cuenca, to get the juices flowing on this Monday morning.... this one is the BTS for Bench, of course - they really know how to use/promote/capitalize on Jake's Hot Looks...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

“Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world.”
-Kate Douglas Wiggin

Happy Birthday Mom! I Love You!


ADDENDUM: Spoke with my MOM a couple of times yesterday - truly feeling bad and Guilty that I could not be with her for her BDay.... anyway, I was so Happy to hear LAUGHTER in her voice...

She had visitors and my cousin even surprised her by bringing over my UNCLE (Mom's Older Brother) for a visit.... they had cake, food and family love.... so I felt less SAD knowing she had a WONDERFUL DAY...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Another rainy wet day yesterday - so what could be BEST than taking a break from WORK and going to the MUSEUM... at least you get to go out, but still not out in the rain.... and you get to enjoy, be awed, and be inspired by so many FAB ART on exhibit....

Always a pleasure going to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Taipei.... I mean, even before you get into the actually museum - you get to enjoy all the wonderful, fun things surrounding the Museum.... sculptures that actually leads you the the MUSEUM.... and then right at the very front of the MUSEUM - always something happening... another exhibit unto itself.... and you do not even have to pay to see it all... so you get to enjoy some art already - FREE!!

Not that it is expensive to go in...actually one of the CHEAPEST MUSEUM ENTRANCE FEE I have ever known.... only NT$50 (less than US$2.00) to get in and enjoy the exciting & fun installations - usually, at least two or three exhibitions going at a time... this time I enjoyed the two main exhibitions:

Invisibleness is Visibleness Exhibition


You can view Complete Photos of the Exhibitions in these albums: MOCA 1 & MOCA 2


...ever wondered what happened to the UK POP Band BLUE... wel, they are back in a BIG WAY... gracing the cover of ATTITUDE magazine... yep, teh bois are taking it all off for the mag like fellow BRIT POPSTERS, McFly & Robbie Williams - both have shed clothings for the mags annual NAKED ISSUE...
The issue came out last month btw, July of 2011... if you do not have access in getting yourself a copy, check out the vid of the actual photoshoot.... just as JUICY...and my all time FAVE BLUE ditty, GUILTY:

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Today was all about working... packing things for tomorrow's Post Office pick up.... and dealing with other stuff - personal & work related.... so, i decided, as a little break treat - pick up Jewel and go for a nice leisurely walk by Dajia River, alays a FAVE past time of mine.... Besides, the weather, though a bit more windier, is still pretty enough, not at all like what they are predicting it to be... another typhoon is coming you see.... So might as well take advantage of the weather before am stuck indoors once more....

The walk was just what I needed.... people all around.... walking, running, biking, hanging about and enjoying the weather, as well... Jewel being in a good mood - even let me put her in the stroller for the whole time - when usually she cries as she just wants to be carried.... and of course, watching the beautiful sunset.... and seeing the skies beautifully change from light to dark..... almost a good 2 Hours was spent enjoying it all...


August is a BIIIIG MONTH for me with Birthdays.... starting today, with Sue's BDay.... just in case I do forget, I am sening BEST WISHES, GREETINGS, HUGS & KISSES to ALL now!!!3rd - Sue Huang
4th - Michael Teruel
5th - Rounette Palma
7th - Mommy Nelhia Palma
7th - Shaun Tsou
11th - Jhay Teruel
14th - David Wu
19th - Ruth Woo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY August Peeps!!!