Saturday, August 24, 2013

It's the Weekend Again!!!

Have A Great One Everybody!!!
Seems the typhoon has finally passed us by...  the sun is shining and the skies is the clearest blue....  Hope it keeps!!!  Better take advantage as I have been pretty much spending time at home...  except Swimming with Juju a couple of times this week....

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storm's A Coming..

Yep that time of the year again where we have more Rain than we care to have..  Yes it is Summer time and way too hot - so we pray for some rain to cool off a bit - but typhoon???
It is worrisome especially for family and friends in The Philippines...  News reports of so much flooding, even in the main cities filled the news on TV, in the papers, on the Net, and yes, Facebook too!  It really is quite scary..  Chest High flooding  in some cases!!!   One can only hope it will let up soon...

In Taiwan, it started pouring yesterday...  Not too heavy but non - stop..  All night long...  Today it shaped up to be a really Wet Wednesday...  Typhoon is supposed to intensify  in the afternoon hours that
Schools and some work places are close...  Even the Gate to Dajia Riverside is now carefully guarded - people are advised to get their vehicles out - then,the  gates will be closed, as they are during typhoon days...

Still manage to go for a dip at San Ming Pool with Juju last nite though...  Having it close by, we were able to make it there fine for a few hours...  Of course, it was not too crowded..  Only a few peeps braved the rain, and sadly for Juju, not too many kids to play with.
Wonder where we will make it to today???

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday, Monday

No need for Monday Blues..  It is just a day and it is certain to come once a week...  So let's just roll with it and make the most of the day...  SMILE!!!
No Monday Blues Here!
..But it sure looks like it's gonna be another HOT week...
Babysitting for the week..  With these kind of weather, always have to be creative so as we do not go crazy indoors and not have to go out till when the sun comes down...
Am always THANKFUL that there is plenty of Vinyls Juju can enjoy...  :)
You all have a Great Week!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yingge Ceramics Museum

Tuesday, August 13th - we took a day trip to the Ceramics Capital of Taiwan:  New Taipei City's Yingge.  I have been here many years ago when the Yingge Ceramics Museum first opened... not quite done but operational...   I am so surprised as to how wonderful the place has developed....  the building's architecture itself, is marvelous....  very modern both on the outside, as well as the inside....  the Museum houses a GREAT PERMANENT Exhibition of just about everything one needs to know about Ceramics making...  with lots of interactive areas that demonstrates and teaches one in the art of ceramics making....
Of course, one can revel to the many ceramic arts on display - both permanent and special exhibited ones... at any given time there will be one or two special ones on view for period of times....  The collection exhibited permanently ranges from potteries & vases to GODs and Goddesses figures...  from ceramic art windows to ancient ceramic pillows (these were my favorite).... and everything else in between....  a whole day is not nearly enough to see and take in all that is on display....  the colors... the shapes... the splendours are all amazingly on display here....
The Museum grounds is quite big, as well...  with lots of areas for fun, play and to get educated....   Of course, Juju's fave - as well as all the kids - is the water fun area....  just about ankle deep with lots of colorful ceramic spheres to play with......  Juju took hours playing here....
and scattered all around the grounds are special large ceramic pieces (see photo below) to admire....
After the Museum, we took a walk in the pretty and touristy area called Lao Jie - Old Street - not so old looking anymore as it has been developed very much for the tourists and locals alike....  still, so many of the shops and restaurants are from long ago times so one can still have that old town feel....   And one can revel at the glorious, rows and rows of shops, selling pottery/ceramic pieces....

Friday, August 9, 2013


Did catch a few films over the month that i was not posting so much..  Last one I posted about was World War Z but there's been many blockbusters since then.....    Here's a rundown of the one's i got to see in July:
Despicable Me 2

Pacific Rim

Saving Mother Robot

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Chinese Ghost Month 2013

Today Also marks  the 1st day of this year's  Chinese Ghost Month
- so just in case, be extra careful and stay safe.
Hungry Ghost Festival – 中元节

The Hungry Ghost Festival, also called simply as Ghost Festival (Chinese 中元节 – zhongyuanjie) is one of the many traditional Chinese festivals celebrated by the Chinese communities in many countries. The festival usually falls on the 15th night of the seventh lunar month. In Chinese custom, the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar is regarded as the Ghost Month and the 15th day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar is often called as Ghost Day.
It is said that during this time, ghosts and spirits come out from the lower realm and linger in our world. The Hungry Ghost Festival is the opposite of the Qingming Festival and Chung Yeung Festival, wherein living descendants visit their deceased ancestors, on Ghost Day however, it is the opposite: the deceased visit the living.

When is Hungry Ghost Festival 2013?

Hungry ghost festival 2013 / 中元节 2013 dates
In 2013, Ghost Month 2013 falls on Wednesday, 7 August 2013 to Wednesday, 4 September 2013. The 2013 hungry ghost festival / Ghost Day 2013 falls on Tuesday, 20 August 2013.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

You are surely missed..  
Forever you will be   in my thoughts and my heart...  
Here's hoping you are looking down on us, and feeling happy..  I love you, Mom!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Marvelous Monday All!

Been too hot here in Taipei.. With a big helping of humidity that it makes it soooo hard to get going during the day...   These days, i wait till after 5PM or sundown to get a move on.,,  this is bad as am missing my GYM time and most of my days, for that matter...  Boo Hoo.,,
Thank God for the Pool times with Juju, and having the indoor pool close by, to get a bit or exercise and be somewhat refreshed!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy 1st of August!!!

Could it be that a whole month and a day had passed since i last posted an entry???  Where has the time gone...  This is not like me at all....  Well,  i promise myself, i will try harder... get back to blogging...  Get the writing juices flowing, expand the mind and  catch up even, with all that's gone on...  

Started off the day right...  Put in my time at work, then rewarded my self by taking Juju to the pool nearby to welcome August refreshingly so... 
Just had to include the above quote posted by an FB friend..  I think it is both beautiful and So True!

Have a Great August All!!!