Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Storm's A Coming..

Yep that time of the year again where we have more Rain than we care to have..  Yes it is Summer time and way too hot - so we pray for some rain to cool off a bit - but typhoon???
It is worrisome especially for family and friends in The Philippines...  News reports of so much flooding, even in the main cities filled the news on TV, in the papers, on the Net, and yes, Facebook too!  It really is quite scary..  Chest High flooding  in some cases!!!   One can only hope it will let up soon...

In Taiwan, it started pouring yesterday...  Not too heavy but non - stop..  All night long...  Today it shaped up to be a really Wet Wednesday...  Typhoon is supposed to intensify  in the afternoon hours that
Schools and some work places are close...  Even the Gate to Dajia Riverside is now carefully guarded - people are advised to get their vehicles out - then,the  gates will be closed, as they are during typhoon days...

Still manage to go for a dip at San Ming Pool with Juju last nite though...  Having it close by, we were able to make it there fine for a few hours...  Of course, it was not too crowded..  Only a few peeps braved the rain, and sadly for Juju, not too many kids to play with.
Wonder where we will make it to today???