Friday, August 27, 2010

Mother Teresa On Love

In honour of this beloved woman's BDay - share with you seven of my FAVE QUOTES by her in the subject of LOVE... after all, she is one of the BEST PEOPLE to exemplify LOVING UNCONDITIONALLY....


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.
Mother Teresa

Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.
Mother Teresa

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
Mother Teresa

If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.
Mother Teresa

Intense love does not measure, it just gives.
Mother Teresa

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.
Mother Teresa

The success of love is in the loving - it is not in the result of loving. Of course it is natural in love to want the best for the other person, but whether it turns out that way or not does not determine the value of what we have done.
Mother Teresa


Some days, no matter how you look at it, you just feel DEFEATED.... you can go over everything any which way you want, think of other ways to go around it, improve it, change it -- but it stays the same... there is no changing the feeling.... so you just give in, let it take it's course and hopefully, move on...

and what better music to accompany you with these feelings of defeat - God Give Me Strength - Sung by Elvis Costello/Written by Burt Bacharach:

(Words sung by the character in the movie given in brackets)
Now I have nothing, so God give me strength
'Cause I'm weak in her [his] wake
And if I'm strong I might still break
And I don't have anything to share
That I won't throw away into the air

That song is sung out
This bell is rung out [This belle is wrung out]
[He] She was the light that I'd bless
[He] She took my last chance at happiness
So God give me strength, God give me strength

I can't hold onto [him] her, God give me strength
When the phone doesn't ring
And I'm lost in imagining
Everything that kind of love is worth
As I tumble back down to the earth

That song is sung out
This bell is rung out
[He] She was the light that I'd bless
[He] She took my last chance at happiness
So God give me strength,

God if [he'd] she'd grant me [his] her indulgence and decline
I might as well wipe [him] her from my memory
Fracture the spell as [he] she becomes my enemy
Maybe I was washed out like a lip-print on his shirt
See, I'm only human, I want him to hurt
I want him
I want him to hurt

Since I lost the power to pretend
That there could ever be a happy ending

That song is sung out
This bell is rung out
[He] She was the light that I'd bless
[He] She took my last chance at happiness
So God give me strength, God give me strength

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Murakami Love!!!

Elle Magazine's August Edition for the Taiwan market boasts Taiwan's reigning POP DIVA, Jolin Tsai on the cover - accompanied by one of my fave, and world re-known artist, Takashi Murakami's signature character -- for their FUN ART Issue!!!

Inside is a 7 pages of GLOSSY COLOR Photos of the collaboration... with Jolin Tsai dressed in various Haute Couture fashions posed against some of Murakami's more well known works.... each and every page - just FABULOUSLY ARTSY if you ask me....

This is actually GREAT as my only complain during the Art Taipei
2010 Exhibition
was that I only got to see 1 work by one of my all time fave artist Takashi Murakami. This almost makes up for the lack of his work in the Exhibition - though it would have been great to have seem all these featured in the magazine in person....

The Only Takashi Murakami on display at the recent Art Taipei 2010 Exhibition. This is a popular print used for Louis Vuitton X Murakami line.

Monday, August 23, 2010

sink your TEETH into THESE SHOWS!!!

The last few weeks I was once again getting caught up on all the TV shows am missing on.... this time out, ac ouple of the VAMPIRE series that are heating up the internet and the boob tubes all over the world: "Vampire Diaries" & "True blood" - both about modern day vampires that, in the tradition of Twilight - breaks all the rules and myth of what we were told to believe in from previous movies and novels, say Dracula or even, The Vampire Chronicles....

Let me start with the one I prefer more, The Vampire Diaries"... not only because Ian Somerhalder is one of the three lead cast, though certainly enough reason, but because it has more of the elements I love about my vampire shows... the drama & humour that I loved with Buffy, The Vampire Slayer; the hip and moderness of Gossip Girl (albeit they suck not blood but everything else... LOL); and the mystery and suspense of what one needs to hold the audience for an hour each week... plus to keep me coming back for more.... and did I say, Ian Somerhalder is one of the leads -already a favorite of mine since his Felicity & Lost years... in the show, a la the Vampire Lestat - he is neither good, nor bad... he is wicked but he cares and he loves.... tormented by passion & obsession, Ian definitely stands out of the pack in his role here.... and not to say less of the other casts, too many hunks running around this show, Alive, Dead or Undead...

Now, am not saying that I do not like the other show, "True Blood" - I do like it as well... and being on HBO, the show can get bloddier, racier and more adult oriented... and that it does it job well, really well.... not an episode goes by without flesh flashing on the screen... one of the main characters in the heat of passion... and just plain old Sex, Sex and more Sex.... if Sex really sells, then they do sell alot here... and it is SOLD by every single HOT CAST member... leads... supporting... guests...
Oscar Winning Actress Anna Paquin, from The Piano & X-Men fame leads the large casts... most of them unknown to me, or most of us for that matter - until now.... from what I gather, most everyone in the show is a household name already.... for me, no one could be sexier in the show than the Aussie born, Ryan Kwanten - who plays Sookie's hunky, hot blooded, sex fiend, not much up there, older brother......

Hottie Ryan Kwanten

"Like Spain In Taipei"

Belated Birthday Celebrations for both Sue & David were spent having dinner at a restaurant none of us have ever been to before - GUSTO Spanish Restaurant - located very close to Juliana's home.... it was recommended by Sue, and was discovered by a colleague of hers.... What A Find!!! We unanimously love the ambiance, the portions and the tasty food, itself...

One after another, each dish was served to us at a leisurely manner... so we did not feel as if we were being rushed though it was a really happening Saturday nite... So we were able to taste & savour each and every dish that came.... and savory each of them were.... just the right amount of spices... pretty authentic except for the clam/beef dish that did not taste as if they belong together... but truly, from the salad starter right to the Paella Valenciana served at the very end - it was just TASTY, TASTY, TASTY....

What could have topped it off better would have been a really cool sweet dessert.... which alas, i felt they failed to deliver.... of course, the opinion is a bit biased as I have such a sweet tooth... but this opinion was shared by a couple of others, so it was not just me... a flan would have sufficed but instead we got some kind of pudding... quite bland... which is not a good compliment to all that flavours we just had... but as an extra bonus to the birthday celebrants, we were given sliced apples cooked in wine and sugar... this was tasty indeed... but still, was not enough to satisfy my sweet tooth...Overall, the nite was GREAT! ... fun and great company.... nice chats.... great food.... lovely place - that actually makes you feel you are somewhere in Spain - with Spanish music playing in the background; giant Spanish posters adorning the walls; and bits and pieces of things that reminded me of Spain... .... a place that I could recommend and would definitely go back to again.....


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Art Attack - Art Taipei 2010!

Friday, August 20th - though it was steaming hot out, I was more than HAPPY to go trek on to Taipei's World Trade Center - to meet up with Juliana and enjoy an afternoon viewing and admiring art works from all medias (painting, digital, photographic, sculpts, etc). Works from some of the Best & Popular artist right now - from all over the world - Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China & many more!
What a WONDERFUL Afternoon.... truly some of the BEST on display = both known and unknown to me..... so many I would have loved to have taken home - and one could as most on display were also For Sale - if only they were not as Expensive as they were.... but DEFINITELY WORTH THE PRICES.... so instead, we feasts our eyes on all the visual delights upon us.... and Thank God we were allowed to take photos for the most part... so we can remember some of the ones we loved at the exhibition, and share them all with you, too
Art Taipei is an annual event that normally runs one week long.... usually runs every August... and artists, museums, galleries from all over the world participates and bring over some of their Best Work to display, sell & share with critics, media, and art lovers alike.... and there is definitely something for everyone - not one particular art style.... not one particular art medium... anything & everything can be viewed and admired..... A Few Standouts For Me:

Complete Exhibition Photos Here!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

..what a week.... so happy the weekend is upon us again.... what a week, indeed.... well it truly was not out of the ordinary... you know: working.... packing and shipping of stuff almost everyday.... answering emails..... trying to run when it is not a rainy afternoon and the gym when it is..... so nothing new, am quite used to it....

It only became trying because of a disgruntled long time customer who basically just decided to take her frustrations of not being able to get a Japan Exclusive item, on me... as we were not able to come through for her this time around... I apologized profusely through emails.... though it was not really my fault, as the allocations are decided by the company and not myself.. Totally, "OUT OF MY HANDS"... still, blame me she did and actually took her rantings on a few boards... so for a few days, this dictated my mood: sad, defeated, soured....

Thank God for friends, both online and here in Taiwan.... they helped me put things in the right perspectives... helping me think through all of this mess and actually getting over it all.... and of course, the little things that makes life a little better for me: my daily photo taking... trying to see beauty in just about anything.... the little toys I collect.... walking about the city and people watching.... seeing friends for coffee and other things...

So, it's quite TRUE... there is enough in the world to keep us HAPPY.... to PUSH AWAY all the UNHAPPINESS, the NEGATIVITY, & the NON-SENSE we are faced with, now and again.... so I share with you a few things that made me SMILE BIG, this week....

Beautiful Sunset where I run....

Lunch with Sue - even though it was a QUICKIE one....

9 new Bearbricks joins my collection - all from Series 20...

New Friends from Russia: these are actually a set NESTING EGG... they are of Cheburashka & Friends -- characters from this Russian animation: brand new rosary & Religious Frames from Lithuania (the items from the above photos are courtesy of David's recent Baltic Tour) - additions to my Rosary & Saints CollectionA GREAT AFTERNOON with Juliana, checking out all the cool paintings/sculptures/art of all sorts, from all over the world, at the Art Taipei 2010 Exhibition... so many FAVE artists from Taiwan, Japan, Korea & China were on Exhibit!!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Star Gazing Galore

Dateline: Sunday, August 14th... right after the Church service, and with the rain letting up a bit, I decided to hop on the bus and spend the afternoon at Simending - what better place to see Step Up 3D, than at this hip and happening area... and clearly it was the right choice as the very young audience we just - agag with excitement over the movie... you can feel the adrenaline in the room, with people getting into all that dancing and misic - myself included.... more than a couple of times, I found myself wanting to get up and dance... LOLs, that would have been a sight for all.... hahahahahaha
Anyway, with over an hour left before the movie started, i decided to walk about and as always, watch people and see what else is happening today... there's always something happening in this part of town, especially in the weekends.... as luck would have it, i came upon, not one, but two Star Appearances... 2 of (Taiwan) Chinese Speaking Worlds' Popular Idols, Jolin Tsai & Wang Lee Hom, were both out promoting their latest releases.... with the latter also promoting his latest film and directorial debut, "Love In Disguise"...
First up was Jolin Tsai.... I saw what must have been over a thousand of people in line, so right away I got curious and ran over to see what was going on.... just in time as her opening act, a new band whose name escapes me now, was just about finished and were being signaled that Ms Tsai was good to go.... Off the stage they went and Ms Tsai made her appearance.... singing a couple of numbers from her new CD, then one of Taiwan's prominent hip DJs interviewed her for a bit, then it was media photo taking frenzy, before the actual autograph signing commenced... all this happening in the rain... lols, fans really endures so much for their idols...

I went in search of food as I have less than half an hour left.... and I saw another group gathering - so I was sidetracked once more and ran over there.... am so SAD to have found Wang Lee hom.... already in the final stages of autograph signing... I totally missed his singing and dancing.... and photo opt segments... haiiiis, I would have preferred him over Ms Tsai... after all, i already had the pleasure of sitting across the aisle from her on one of my flights.... so no longer a bid deal for me... hahahahaha

Anyway, Wang Lee Hom looked even better in person... actually looks as sweet as he does in his MVs and movies (Lust Caution, CHina Strike, etc)... he was graciously signing one after another - already extending the time set for today's event.... and the whole time, I see him humming along his songs that was being played as he greets his fans..... If I had more time - I would have bought the CD and got inline as well, just to shake his hand... I was totally STARSTRUCK here!!!!
So I went to see the movie already with so much adrenaline rush in my bones from all that Star Gazing.... I only wish I had known before hand about Lee Hom's appearance so that I might have planned my schedule better.... well, here's hoping there will be a next time.....
MV for Lee Hom's Love Theme from the movie "Love in Disguise"

Saturday, August 14, 2010

with "Amphetamine" - who says Friday the 13th is UNLUCKY!!!

Have always been told to watch out come Friday The 13th.... so many superstitions.... so many things to avoid and look out for.... overall it is to be a very UNLUCKY Day... so most of the time, I try to do little - especially if it involves being out and about... take extra precautions and all...

Well, what could have been a boring nite turned out rather nicely when I decided to see the Premiere showing of AMPHETAMINE on my own.... a brand new, Gay-Themed, movie from Hong Kong director, Scud.... Normally, I do not go run out to see these types of movies when they first come out, often I get disappointed... but after seeing the oh-so-artsy preview a couple of times - I knew I wanted to see it in the big screen....

...and am so very glad I did!!!Not only was it a very nice film.... I got to meet and hang with the leads and the director... YOWZA!!!
A little backstory on how the Nite unfolded for me: I was really hoping my friend would get us tickets for this film, but that did not happen... so later that nite, I decided to still go and see the last showing anyway - not even knowing the Showtime.... I decided, if I get there on time, I get to see it... if not, I at least, can feast on Burger King, which happens to be next door to the cinema... I did not only get there in plenty of time, I was able to treat myself to my Fave Chicken Sandwich at Burger King.... and I got there early enough to ENJOY the Press and Fan Personal Appearance of the movie's director and two male leads.... A COMPLETE SURPRISE, as I knew nothing about it.... I was just ushered into the room... Director Scud was funny and gave insights to the film... and the two male leads are just as charming (and HUNKY!) off screen, as they are on screen.... so this was an added treat, indeed...

MOVIE SYNOPSIS (From the Official Site)
Kafka, a straight fitness trainer meets Daniel, a passionate executive who happens to be gay. The young men fatefully fall in love and believe that their love can bridge anything, even their difference in sexuality and Kafka's drug habits.
Daniel does not regret his love for Kafka, who tries to love him back against his nature. But a dreadful memory from Kafka's past makes it difficult for their relationship to work. It turns out that their addiction to love proves more fatal than the drugs they use to explore the boundaries of their friendship...

The movie was artsy indeed.... great images especially on the dreaming/hallucinating scenes... the storyline was well written enough, and very compelling... I was truly moved and wanted to know more and more about Kafka.... why he turns to Amphetamine? why Daniel, a successful, handsome financier, could stay with Kafka and his addiction? Little by little the story unfolded and all questions were asked.... and keeping true to the movie's TAGLINE: "There is no way to quit a fateful love" - the movie chronicled their love affair: from their fateful meeting, their happy & adrenaline pumping adventures, and right down to their relationships' bittersweet ending...
Don't want to have to give away more of the story... rather, I will just recommend you go out and see the movie... and experience for yourself this emotional roller coaster of a relationship...


Complete Photos Here

Friday, August 13, 2010

"Blood Brothers" Revisited...

This whole week, as I work , I have been watching a whole lot of DVDs.... it is good to have them on the background - for company... catching up on TV seriese am so behind in (Vampire Diaries, LOST); checking out what everyone else is talking about (TRUE BLOOD); and re watching some movies I like... Atonement, What Dreams Are Made Of, & Blood Brothers... love love love them all....

and then I came across this ENTRY of mine (Pre Baxter-Ramblings days) in "and the Beat Goes On", dated Aug 19th, 2007 (almost 3 years to the date!!!!) over on FRIENDSTER after seeing Blood Brothers - so I decided to add it here, too:

Blood Brothers
Since it is still non-stop rain here in Taipei and am adjusting to my Chinese mode once again - what better way to while away the SUNDAY afternoon than a Chinese film…

"Blood Brothers", starring basically all my Chinese fave actors and actress that you have heard me write about many times over (Daniel Wu, Tony Yang, Chang Chen & Shu Qi ) proved to be a GREAT CHOICE…

Set in the 1930’s - the movie told a tale of 3 friends from the countryside of China who went to decadent Shanghai to seek fortune and Paradise… literally as they end up working for a MOB BOSS who owns and runs, Paradise Club….

In true gangster style the trio ends up working for the Mob Boss… one falls for the Mob Boss’ gal, one becomes thoroughly corrupted by power and bigger dreams, and one becomes the innocent victim of it all… the sets are great and so is the costuming… Shu Qi, whose role was expanded during the film is so luminous as the Club’s star performer and the object of the men’s desires….

Overall, the acting from everyone is just right on…. and the story - though simple and predictable at times - still delivers all the emotional impact needed to make one memorable film….

For a bit more back story on the film - click here:
and for the TRAILER with ENGLISH subtitles:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

...World Peace For Sale...

once again it was a rainy afternoon... so I was not able to go to the place I wanted to go and shoot some photos for this week's PEACE theme over at 365 Project.... so later in the evening, when the rain let up a bit, i took a walk around to see if something can catch my eyes that fits this week's theme... and this is what I saw.... and immediately, the thoughts below is what came to mind.... so am sharing here, too..


we do not have to look hard enough to be able to find World Peace being advocated everywhere/anywhere and just about everything... We see it in greeting cards... in commercials.... We hear politicians & beauty queens promising/hoping/praying for it... we see it in movies, televisions & books.... and we can even buy it through Licensed Products of all sorts - such as these little Gaspard et Lisa note books....

With all these being infused, one way or another, in our minds, thoughts & senses - isn't it, still a wonder why we cannot truly attain World Peace???

If only it was as simple as buying a notebook such as this...

NOTE: Photo taken earlier tonite at a Stationary shop...


"In peace sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons."
- Herodotus

"There was never a good war or a bad peace."
-Benjamin Franklin

"Peace is not only better than war, but infinitely more arduous"
-- George Bernard Shaw

"I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower

Cambia En Vida / Change Your Life

Been waiting to see what Mr. Ricky Martin will do next, after finally revealing the truth about his sexuality. A bold move that for some, like me, is a courageous act; while for others is just a publicity stunt. I have even heard an acquaintance said that it is just a stunt as he basically does not have a career anymore - needless to say, he is no longer an acquaintance of mine... hmmmmpf!

Anyway, I came across this Teaser Video for his upcoming world tour - and it KICKS ASS!!! It seems that Mr.Martin is quite ready to start a fresh chapter in his life. Too live an openly gay life and in this video, the singer , with one of the best GYRATING MOVES EVER, doesn’t hold anything back.

In this video promoting his comeback concert tour, he is completely NEKKID - save for a few well-placed digital tattoos. Tattoo-like effects emerging on his skin with inspirational messages in Spanish such as ‘find yourself’, ‘forgive’ and ‘change your life’.This video, Mr Martin, himself, announced to his fans and followers VIA his TWITTER account. In his tweet he told fans the 2-minute video, called My Skin Talks, was directed by his friend Dago Gonzales.


This week feels like a totally different when it comes to taking photos each day.... has to do with the fact that Davis has my Sony Digi Cam -- dragged it to his current Baltic Tour, as it is much much more convenient to carry than his DLSR.... and the one Lyn & Shaun helped him get did not make it in time....

Thought I was going to have to LUG David's big old, heavy DLSR, for the next 13 days.... I did actually for one day.... WHEW!! But the CANON IXUS 200 IS DIGI CAM that Shaun & Lyn got David came.... Thank God, so am carrying and getting to know it - A LOT - these past few days.... here am sharing some of my MOST FAVE shots so far...
Taken on the 8th, via the park across from the GYM...this photo was my entry for 365 Project - and actually ended up on the POPULAR page.... so I knew this camera and I will get on well... hahahahhahahaha

Taken on the 9th: Roahe Temple

Taken the 10th: During my run by Dajia River.... MIRAMAR's The Eye is truly a pretty sight, especially during my evening runs....

Taken on the rainy evening of the 11th - Bearbricks Advocating PEACE!!! (This is actually an alternate version as the color tone I changed to Green)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

if it's Tuesday, it MUST BE brunch time with Juliana!

Yesterday was another fun afternoon lunch with Juliana..... actually. the longest we ever had... 4 hrs sitting, gabbing, and eating to be exact!!! a lazy Tuesday afternoon Gab Fest - what FUN!!!

First off was a stopover at her home to admire more of her Bearbrick collections.... love seeing her 400% ones out and on display - especially since I have a couple of this size Bearbrick.... a tokidoki LA ROBBER in Taipei, like hers in the photo... and a BEATLEs on in Manila....Then we walked on over to Breeze Center for an afternoon lunch at AFTERNOON TEA.... a Japanese Themed/Chain restaurant... it was inside this POSH MALL - so it was quiet enough.... nice & clean ambiance.... and everyone there seems to be just enjoying the afternoon - nothing to rush to whatsoever.... it was soooo relaxing.... so much so that 4 hours went by and we did not even noticed.... LOL!!! We whiled the hours away devouring and enjoying our food.... and of course, gabbing about life, loves, toys - just about everything, really....
Right after we trekked on down to MONSTER Taipei to check out the latest Bearbricks... and pick up a few, of course!

Nature Break Monday

it was such perfect timing..... I had just come home from a run and an hours workout at the Gym late Monday afternoon - and the phone was ringing... it was Lyn & Shaun asking if I wanted to go to OOLAI with them - for a little Nature Break..... of course, I said YES!!! Took a quick shower and had them pick me up right away.....

The weather was agreeing as it was nice and clear but not sunny.... the area where Shaun took us to for a little trail walk was just peaceful and lovely..... and the waters cool and refreshing..... wish I had at least, brought a towel or I would have jumped in right away..... tooo bad... aaaaah, maybe next time.... Was TRULY an unexpected MONDAY TREAT!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love You 10,000 Years

What a Night!!!

On Friday the 6th, I was LUCKY enough to be invited to attend the Special Media Screening of this brand new movie, Love You 10,000 Years, starring Taiwanese Actor Vic Chou of Meteor Garden Fame (also of the boy band F4) ... it was such a FRENZY - with so much media.... A FUN movie... and the Japanese Actress Youko Kato....
At first I was not sure about going - since am not a biiiig FAN of Vic Chou, the movie's main star.. I was never into Meteor Garden... in fact I think, I only got to see one episode ever... in my life - though it seems it is always on TV.... But being the starstruck person that I am, I decided to go anyway.... what the heck, I would at least get to see beautiful people...
The story is quite simple: Japanese Girl leaves her native Japan for the first time, goes to Taiwan for 3 months to hone her Chinese, so she can move to the Shanghai's office of her company... of course, she falls for a Taiwanese boy - not just an ordinary boy - but a ROCKER with so many issues, including the fact that he has never had a relationship past the 3 month mark... so Perfect for them, right? WRONG! as all CHEESY love stories aimed at teenagers go: they fall deeply, madly in love in the midst of their fightings and cross racial adjustments.... Typical story, predictable & just mindless fun, really...
What makes it work for me are the colorful visual images the directors kept feeding the audiences.... the great Taipei locations used..... the familiar personalities sprinkled throughout the movie.... and the title song itself - I was hooked - very catchy and cheesily done in one segment of the movie... I loved it!!!! hahahhahahahahah

I actually liked the Japanese actress Youko Kato - do not really know her... she was soooo natural and it helped that she is not your typical Gorgeous starlet that makes it believable the role she is playing..... she handled her Chinese deliveries quite well - coming from a fellow foreigner trying to get by with his Chinese.... as for Vic Chou - well, am not too sure here.... again, I was never a fan.... never see what others see in him.... Yes he is not bad to look at... and looks good in clothes but that's about it for me.... I have never seen him in anything he's done that I can actually believe him in... and him playing a ROCKER here...well, I could think of many other Taiwanese actors more suitable for the role.... but anyway, am sure the movie will see - just because of his star appeal alone.... Actually when we got out of the cinema after the screening, I was AMAZED at how many people were outside - thousands really - all lined up for the next showing.... and to get a glimpse of this Taiwan Heartthrob...

The Movie's Theme Song

Big Thanks to my friend, Carry Lee, for knowing that this is just the kind of things I love attending.... here's hoping I did not get giddily excited that I will get invited again soon.... hahahahahahahahahaha


Friday, August 6, 2010

an ExtraOrdinary Love Story

...that about sum's up the film "Do Comeco Ao" (From Beginning to End) from Brazil, for me.... this unapologetic, sweet and gentle love story between half-brothers, yes, you read it correctly... HALF BROTHERS... was a complete surprise for me in many ways....first of all, I was not aware this was the film we were about to see.... was told we were going to see a Chinese Gay Art film, Amphetamine, but all INFOs were crossed - so it was not that one but this one... first I was disappointed... then when the movie began and found out there was no English subtitles - then I was even more in an iffy mood.... the movie is in Portuguese with Chinese subtitles.... and though both, David & Carry, were kind enough to verbally translate for me - it was actually a nuisance, more than anything.... having someone speak to your ears as you try and watch a film - lols... so I relied mostly on just watching the film and understanding through all the acting and facial expressions... and yes, from time to time, catch a bit of Spanish in there...

anyway, the story is simple enough.... but done in a very sweet & gentle way.... the first half focused on the half brothers young family life.... how close the whole family is.... how everyone is so loving.... and how at an early age you can already see signs how deep the bond between the half brothers are... (I actually found this part so sweet - it will make you cry and laugh... and wish to be with your family...) You see the boys act with so much love and admiration for each other... but not with malice.... you see them happy living in their world with just the family, and just the two of them as playmates.... and it was enough....

All these carried on, to their adult years.... with people in their lives coming and going.... in particular the devastatingly death of their sweet mother - in which one of the characters narrated - "with her gone.... all that is left is love and desire".... love and desire for each other in which they succumbed to (heard a few gasps here from the audience).... then it was all about their life as a couple... happiness... sharing.... and the pain of being separated as the younger one had to go to RUSSIA for 3 years to train for SWIMMING in the OLYMPICS... you will witness the strain of the separation and what they did to overcome it all....

So, the three of us had mixed feelings over this movie.... David still cannot get over that they are half brothers.... Carry, wished that they showed more how they did with the outside world knowing about their relationship... and for me, it was enough that it was actually told this way... with not much more explanations.... that their love was pure, intense, deep, and bonding.... unapologetic and need not explained to anyone else... they only had each other to answer to... care for... love with....

The stars of the movie are all beautiful.... just as you would IMAGINE how the Brazilians truly are.... and everyone is just soooo natural.... as if you are not watching a movie but truly a family life unfolding before your every eyes... the older brother in particular is the one that caught my eyes.... soooo EXPRESSIVE his eyes.... reminds me of a young Daniel Day Lewis or Jim Cazaviel....
The Official Trailer for the movie:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED GUYS..... catch it if you can.. truly, you will Laugh, Cry, Fall In Love, get Frustrated and Confused.... but no matter, you will come away with a good feeling.....
Jaoa Gabriel - the older brother:

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wong Kar Wai, where are you???

... yes, you are missed.... and it is time for another one of your movie masterpieces..... and be sure you get Maggie Cheung out of her retirement... and reunite her with Tony Leung.... am sure it'll be movie magic once more - just as it was here in one of my FAVE movies of all time: In The Mood For Love
i can never get tired of this one... raw emotions, great cinematography.... and oh-so-moodily stylish.....