Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cambia En Vida / Change Your Life

Been waiting to see what Mr. Ricky Martin will do next, after finally revealing the truth about his sexuality. A bold move that for some, like me, is a courageous act; while for others is just a publicity stunt. I have even heard an acquaintance said that it is just a stunt as he basically does not have a career anymore - needless to say, he is no longer an acquaintance of mine... hmmmmpf!

Anyway, I came across this Teaser Video for his upcoming world tour - and it KICKS ASS!!! It seems that Mr.Martin is quite ready to start a fresh chapter in his life. Too live an openly gay life and in this video, the singer , with one of the best GYRATING MOVES EVER, doesn’t hold anything back.

In this video promoting his comeback concert tour, he is completely NEKKID - save for a few well-placed digital tattoos. Tattoo-like effects emerging on his skin with inspirational messages in Spanish such as ‘find yourself’, ‘forgive’ and ‘change your life’.This video, Mr Martin, himself, announced to his fans and followers VIA his TWITTER account. In his tweet he told fans the 2-minute video, called My Skin Talks, was directed by his friend Dago Gonzales.


Leon Koh said...

he is still so sexy :P

wtsrudi said...

INDEED!!! i think that with MATURITY comes a different kind of SEXINESS... the kind he EXUDES!!!