Friday, August 13, 2010

"Blood Brothers" Revisited...

This whole week, as I work , I have been watching a whole lot of DVDs.... it is good to have them on the background - for company... catching up on TV seriese am so behind in (Vampire Diaries, LOST); checking out what everyone else is talking about (TRUE BLOOD); and re watching some movies I like... Atonement, What Dreams Are Made Of, & Blood Brothers... love love love them all....

and then I came across this ENTRY of mine (Pre Baxter-Ramblings days) in "and the Beat Goes On", dated Aug 19th, 2007 (almost 3 years to the date!!!!) over on FRIENDSTER after seeing Blood Brothers - so I decided to add it here, too:

Blood Brothers
Since it is still non-stop rain here in Taipei and am adjusting to my Chinese mode once again - what better way to while away the SUNDAY afternoon than a Chinese film…

"Blood Brothers", starring basically all my Chinese fave actors and actress that you have heard me write about many times over (Daniel Wu, Tony Yang, Chang Chen & Shu Qi ) proved to be a GREAT CHOICE…

Set in the 1930’s - the movie told a tale of 3 friends from the countryside of China who went to decadent Shanghai to seek fortune and Paradise… literally as they end up working for a MOB BOSS who owns and runs, Paradise Club….

In true gangster style the trio ends up working for the Mob Boss… one falls for the Mob Boss’ gal, one becomes thoroughly corrupted by power and bigger dreams, and one becomes the innocent victim of it all… the sets are great and so is the costuming… Shu Qi, whose role was expanded during the film is so luminous as the Club’s star performer and the object of the men’s desires….

Overall, the acting from everyone is just right on…. and the story - though simple and predictable at times - still delivers all the emotional impact needed to make one memorable film….

For a bit more back story on the film - click here:
and for the TRAILER with ENGLISH subtitles: