Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's that Old Devil Called Love!

Here we go again...   way into the LOVE MONTH ....  actually in just one more day (Taiwan Time) it will be Valentine's Day once more....  A day of Flowers, Chocolates and other Love Gifts - Big or Small - all to profess Love to our significant others, or those we wish would be our significant others.  As Christmas and Thanksgiving is a time for all loved ones - family and friends, Valentine's Day gets a bit more exclusive and personal - mainly meant for partners, lovers, significant others!
I for one, just like any other Holiday, get excited over this....  not so much anymore about flowers or chocolates I used to expect - but more now, about that something in the air that makes most people smile a bit more....  be loving a bit more....  and we all know, we could always use a bit more loving in this world!  So enjoy the Special Day Lovers....   it matters not what you do, what you get, what words are uttered or not uttered....  what matters is that you are with someone you love.... and God willing , someone that Loves you, too!!! 
And if so happen that you find yourself single on this day - go and enjoy the day still....  share it with a good friend, with family, or even just by yourself doing something you absolutely Love!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

1st of the many, I Hope!

So we are off to a hood start in the Travel department, as I was Blessed enough to have been able to Travel this past January...  For over two weeks!!!
It matters not that it was just in the Philippines - Again!!! - as this time around I got to:

-Visit 2 new Destinations: Baler and La Union..  
-Wander about and see some old historical and marvelous churches....  
-And got to visit the island of Puerto Galera once more!!!
Yep, Yep... you read that right....  we hit a total of  3 BEACHES!!!   Just in time too as it was the perfect getaway from the cold and dreary winter of Taipei.....   First stop was Baler....  a looong drive from Manila but soooooo worth it....  they call themselves the Surfing Capital of the Philippines and judging by the folks surfing - locals and tourists alike - it surely looks like it!
The second beach town was La Union... used to be surfing Haven before it all moved to Baler...  I requested this place as I really wanted to stay at Thunderbird Resorts....  The Greek decor inspired resort that I first got to see in the movie, "The Other Woman", a few years back... and have been admiring posts by other on Facebook and Instagram....  It was A OK....  not as IMPRESSIVE as it looks in photos....  pricey for what it had to offer... but it helped that there were not many people staying at the time we were there... got to enjoy the pool very much...  especially since no one can really swim on their private beach...

a few days break back in Manila and we headed back to Puerto Galera in Mindoro....  it has been many years since we were there last, about 2008, and it was great to be back... has changed... has grown... and just have so much more to offer - young and adults alike...  the waters were so calm... not too cold....   even Juju did not scared and swam every chance she got....   The nightlife is soooo much fun - even if you do not drink....   lively entertainment right along the beach... one after another....  our last nite, we even went from venue to venue to venue... not wanting to miss out on anything...
I truly had a WONDERFUL TIME this trip....  it was a promising start to a brand new year of travels - and I hope that it will be just like that - full of firsts, fun times, unforgettable memories....  Here's Hoping and Praying!!!  
You can see more photos of the trip by CLICKING HERE!