Saturday, October 31, 2009

PIXAR: 20 Years Anniversary Exhibition

...and I swear, the line to get in felt as if it took another 20 years!!!

David and I tried to see it a while back - it was a weekend so it was a given that the lines will be long... of course, we opted not to see it then - as we hate anything that takes more than 30 mins to line up for... this time around I thought for sure it would be different as 1) it has been around for a bit now... and 2) it was on a weekday morning - when everyone should be in school or at work - WRONG!!!
I think everyone was thinking the very same thing - so we all ended up attending the same day... boo hoo...

anyway, the day started well enough... Juliana and I met at ROYAL HOST for some early breakfast.. we knew we needed to get fully charged for a good couple of hours of lining up for tickets.... couple of hours?? more like three and that is just to buy the tickets... once purchased - we needed to get into another line to get in... it was, at least, another half an hour plus more.... by the time we got to the actual entrance to the Exhibition - we were both in need of, a toilet run... and both starving to death as it was way into 1 PM already at that time.. so what to do? get stamped and head on to our respective Restrooms - lo and behold, another line... We can only be both THANKFUL enough for SUE coming to our rescue with McDonalds meal for each of us..Anyway, a quick lunch in Sue's car was very much needed (we also got her and Cecilia tickets btw, but because of work scheds, they did not go in till after 3PM) - right after, Juliana and I went back in with our stamps to finally see the exhibition... wait, wait, another line!!! well, at least this one was quite fast - not even 10 mins... and we were in.... of course, as expected from the amount of people in line, each exhibition room was soooo crowded that is was hard to get a closer look at things unless one lines up (AGAIN!) and move at a snail pace to each of the exhibit... but i can HONESTLY say -a all that was there was worth all the hassles of lining up!!!

We were not allowed to take photos inside or else my BATT would have died fast as there was sooo much I wanted to photograph... and normally I would have sneaked some shots, but with all the people there, I did nnot want to chance being found out... so much of the original sketches, story boards, clay figures - bnoth prototypes to actual designs used... such a comprehensive exhibition/explanation on the art of PIXAR animation that one is in sooo much AWE of the loooong process for a single sequence to be shot... HATS OFF to all those involved, TRULY!

All Pixar movies were represented, from Toy Story which came out back in 1995 through the latest, and a personal fave of mine, UP were covered.... and of course, it dates back to all the animated shorts made by the team even before any of the full length films... stand outs were KNICK KNACKS, TIN SOLDIER (was supposedly going to be the main character in Toy Story!), and a few other black & white shorts - we were treated to these short films, btw... so it turned out to be a GREAT DAY after all... and after seeing the exhibition in its entirety, all the hassles of lining up were long forgotten... Thank God for the gals, who are also avid ANIMATION fans - they helped me get through the hours of lining up...

TIN TOY (1988)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween '09!!!

Have Fun & Stay Safe, Everyone!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

can't take my eyes... off of him... my ears, too!

so this past weekend I was reminded what I miss most in Taiwan television -- watching One Million Star (Taiwan's American Idol)... i miss seeing some really good, and some, not so good but kinda' funny performances form the local talent... plus I get to practice my Mandarin singing prowess.... hahahahahaha....

I say I miss it as for the last couple of years, we have made a conscious effort to not watch television so much... to not get caught up in any shows religiously that we cannot do anything or go anywhere for fear of missing a single episode... in pother words, we try to avoid being COUCH POTATOES in this household... LOLs.... so, besides an occasional DVD showing, we really do not get to watch TV much...

Anyway, last Friday Lyn & Shaun had a little SHABU SHABU nite for a few friends and us in their new home... so we were there for a good couple of hours and the TV was on... and it just so happened that my FAVE show, One Million Star was on... boy was I hooked, once more... why? because of this guy, Anthony Lee Neely(SP?)... not only does he have a rich, manly voice when singing either English or Chinese (so pure and such control) -he is also blessed with the looks, the cuteness to go with the voice.... take a listen of his version of The Blower's Daughter from the movie, CLOSER - even without looking at him... you will get butterflies in your tummy, GUARANTEED!!!
...and this is him singing a FAVE Chinese song of mine: Wo ZHENDE HAO XIANG NII:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hump Day Funnies

well, am not just rediscovering old dolls... am also finding some old photographs!!! Going through them. laughing with a fuzzy feeling in my tummy, is giving me the much needed break, from all these reorganizing & spring cleaning...
Have UPLOADED HERE.... and I will UPLOAD more the next few days... SO BE WARNED!!!
And just to PROVE am LAUGHING WITH YOU - I also included this shot -yep that's ME in leather pants..LOLS!!!:XMAS '98

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning in Winter...

...NOT A FUN THING AT ALL - no matter what time of the year!!!
This MUST be my HALLOWEEN NIGHTMARE!!! and to think, this is the most organized room of all.... LOLs!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Simone Legno X TARGET

FINALLY!!! My box of Simone Legno designed, "Back To School 2009" goodies for TARGET, USA have arrived... actually picked it up from the Post office last Friday, but waited till everything slows down a bit to TEAR INTO THE BOX...

The graphics are just too cool - but what else can one expect from tokidoki design master, himself! From what I hear, the goods SOLD OUT quite FAST... so am very GRATEFUL for my friend, Iveta, for picking them up for me - and making sure I get at least one of everything available... MUCH APPRECIATED, Iveta!!!
PHOTOS HEREI sure HOPE Mr. Legno will continue to collaborate with TARGET for other goodies....


-was just reminded this morning that there are only 9 weeks left before XMAS!!! YIKES!@#*?! where did the time go? am so 2000 and late! Confucius, help me make sense of it all - puhleeze!!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Snoopy Dons Luxe

Snoopy, Charlie Brown's loveable beagle, turns 60 next year, but that doesn't stop the Japanese in celebrating early with a Special Exhibition at Tokyo Midtown - coinciding with Tokyo's Fashion Week.

International fashion brands Hermes, Chloe, Chanel and Balenciaga all created miniature looks for the beagle and his female companion. G.V.G.V., an edgy brand that shows in Tokyo this week, also designed its own pair of outfits with a distinct rock influence, complete with a guitar and microphone.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

...because every relationship is different..

On this rainy Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a break and see a movie... with nothing really exciting out here now (ASTRO BOY is still not out yet) - we went to see Dieta MediterrĂ¡nea on the basis of the poster alone... the food theme enticed David, and for me, the draw is that it is a SPANISH film... so, if nothing else, I knew I would at least enjoy hearing Spanish...

The movie was absolutely DELICIOSO... it was TRULY more than a movie about someone with a PASSION for food... for cooking... so much was thrown into the film that it satisfies you in every way... from the three main characters, right down to the supporting casts - the acting is all superb... the relationship between the three characters was borderline unreal - and yet, the actors and the director, made you feel otherwise... it's so real that I was even rooting for the three of them to stay together!!!

Truly a well written, well acted film... very much recommended...

Friday, October 23, 2009


catching up with work... rearranging the home front... listening to some FAVE sounds - and this came up...
...oh, how I MISS DEPECHE MODE and hearing this song LIVE - so subtle, so EMO and the sentiments rings TRUE...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

still in Holiday Spirits...

Gotta hand it to my MOM, even amidst all the tragedy she has gone through over the recent barrages of TYPHOON that hit the northern part of the Philippines - she is still very much into the HOLIDAY spirits...

Typhoon Ondoy touched my Mom so much more that I had expected and known... her home was actually submerged, chest deep with water..all her belongings floating in the flood, with some being washed away... and the thing that broke my heart most, I learned that she was even in a SHELTER for a few days - as my half brother felt she is safer there while they wait for the water to subside.... My MOM worries so much about me worrying, she asked that I do not get informed... my first reaction was UPSET at first, but then I understood how my MOM was feeling/thinking - and I love her even more for it... she basically felt that I am going through enough right now, that she did not want me to just drop everything and fly to see her at once... she insisted on waiting for me to arrive on the date I said I would - my monthly scheduled visit...

I do not think anyone can even IMAGINE how I felt upon learning all this? what she has gone through? and what she has seen? Nor can I IMAGINE what she was feeling while going through it all... all I could do was break into tears upon hearing her tell the story... and even on my own, when I think of it all and try to IMAGINE - what comes into my mind haunts and breaks my heart...
anyway, am SUPER GLAD she is moved to a better place.... and to see her still in GREAT SPIRITS and FEEL SO BLESSED having SURVIVED it all - just gives me so much joy... she is in such Great spirits that the first thing she even did once moved is put up an XMAS TREE already... to signify that there is still so much LIFE & HOPE to be THANKFUL for....

Friday, October 16, 2009


Because of your GENEROUS HELP during my ONDOY RELIEF FUND DRIVE, we were able to DONATE a total of 25,000.00Pesos to the Philippine National Red Cross to help the ONDOY Victims.I could not thank you all enough in contributing to the drive... am sure that our efforts and contributions will be put to good use and help out many who are less fortunate.
To date, am told that 5 more TYPHOONS are slated to come through... not sure of their intensities - so let us now all help and pray that it will not be as sever/strong/bad as the previous ones... in the Philippines, and in the rest of the world.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sounds of Taiwan: Taiwan MixTape

A cool and fun introduction to Taiwan from the "Sounds of Taiwan".
This video is made by the group 'Sounds of Taiwan' for the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. They've mixed it up to showcase the best of what Taiwan has to offer.

FnH X Phil. National Red Cross

One of my favorite clothing boutique in Manila, Folded and Hung (TRULY Pinoy with a Modern Flair and Fashionable) or FnH for short, and in collaboration with the Philippine National Red Cross, have produced some really cute. and I DO MEAN CUTE, cloth dolls/toys available now for purchase... and the BEST part is that portions of the sales from each UNITY RED CROSS DOLLS (see left photo) will go towards the Typhoon Ondoy Victims.

So if you happen to be in Manila - be sure to check out FnH, located in just about every MALL in Manila, and outlying provinces... COOL CLOTHES and now a CHANCE to HELP ONDOY victims...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

going to bed with a WARM FUZZY feeling...

just saw the PIXAR Animated film, UP, once again..... I really love this film....

had to get my roomie to download it from the NET as I was dying to see again... and he was able to!!!! it is one of those films I will never, ever tire of.... the love story between Carl & Ellie in beginning is just too sappy... and Russell is one of the most lovable characters ever.....

Nitey Nyt World!!!!

Take U To The Philippines

Something Worth Smiling and Feeling Good About. . . :-)

To show his love for the Philippines and the Filipino people, (of the Black Eyed Peas - also of Filipino descent) and Department of Tourism Chief Secretary Joseph “Ace” Durano spearheaded a new tourism campaign called “Take Me to the Philippines.”

Monday, October 5, 2009

come rain or come shine...

I was not going to let all this rian stop me from my routine run by the Dajia River Park - especially after all the mooncakes I have eaten over the MOON FESTIVAL holiday - i really need the run... hahahahahaha

so I decided to take an early morning break before helping Lyn & Shaun move into their new home... The Wu bois, David & Jason, went along for the run... what was to be a quiet, peaceful, wet run by the river - turned into one HILARIOUS, totally FUN TIME just goofing off with the bois.....
see, rainy days did not always have to dampen the mood... hehehehehe

More Fun Photos Here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Day

For this Moon Festival Day, may your day be filled with lotsa' MOON CAKES, BBQ, Family & Friends!!!

Good thing I ahve been having all the moo cakes I could wish for, as today will be another day of helping Lyn & Shaun move into their new home -- in the rain!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

An Angel In My Mail

Wednesday morning, end of September - I took a break from helping Lyn & Shaun move and went to the Post Office to check my Mail Box.... and to my SURPRISE - a care package from Mary E was there waiting for me... I could not wait to sign for it; get it in my hands and run somewhere to sit so I can tear into it... I knew the FARRAH mags I asked about in a previous blog were going to be in them... I wanted to flip through them and see photos of one of my most beloved icon who recently passed away...

Not only the People Tribute was there, that Mary told me she had alread gotten for me... There was also a VANITY FAIR tribute issue that I did not even know existed... plus, just in time for the WINTER COLD FRONT, BLISTEX for my lips.... hehehehehe... am safe again for another Cold Season.

Then it was time to open up the beautifully wrapped package, within the package, from Mike Dawson... another good friend... he was the only one able to get me the TV GUIDE and to save him on shipping costs to me - I ahd asked hiom to go ahead and send to Mary so they can travel all together... I was a bit puzzled as the package was heavy and a bit large for just a TV GUIDE issus!!!... when I carefully opened - as I wanted to save the wrapping - I found not 1 but 2 copies of the TV GUIDE plus another People Farrah Issue!!! But wait, there's more... there were something else wrapped separately... another magazine... NOPE!!! They were GLOSSIES of beautiful photos of FARRAH from different years.... from a College girl in Texas - through Pre and Post Charlie's Angels years... some of the photos of course, being an avid fan, I quickly recognized but there were other outtakes too from different shoots.... some I ahve never seen before published anywhere... WHAT A TREAT!!!
Mary & Mike - I could not THANK YOU GUYS enough for sending me this WONDERFUL package... it is not everyday one gets an ANGEL in the mail (^_*)... WIll Love and Treasure them all -- even more so, as they came from you guys!!!

Rest of the Photos Here

XMAS Time is here... YIKES!!!!

OMG! Wed nite I went to a SPECIAL OUTDOOR SCREENING @ the RED BRICK Building in the Siemending area of Taipei... it was a HIGHLIGHT reel of Film Festival Films from past to present.... I was excited as it was an outdoor event, in a beautiful location - but it was all awash as the rain came... so the nite was cut short and ended up going home instead...

But the BEST part of the nite was seeing my first XMAS tree for the year... set up, right at the beginning of the Siemending Shopping Area, right next to the MRT Exit for everyone to revel on.... The XMAS tree was put up to actually promote the upcoming 3D Disney CGI Film, A Christmas Carol -- which looks like a spooky fun film. So there you have it my (and maybe yours!) first glimpse of the Holiday Season to come... ENJOY and remember, only 84 more shopping days till XMAS!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Typhoon Donation Fund Update

As of today, Oct 1st, we have raised $212.00US (10,070Pesos in todays' exchange rate) for the ONDOY Typhoon Relief Drive we are doing.... PLS CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

It was put to my ATTENTION a GREAT POINT - as some of you ahve just recently purchased dolls, or really have no more BUDGET for a doll, but still woukld love to help out. So YES, we can take straight out CONTRIBUTIONS through PAYPAL, as well..
SO email me for details.

NOTE: 8 Days to go for this DONATION DRIVE.... Thanks In Advance!


...I often hear people say: "There is No Rest For the Wicked".... but i did not even think am WICKED... so how come, I GET NO REST! :((

Oh Well - "SUCK IT UP, rudi... SUCK IT UP!"
Happy 1st of OCT everyone.... now, back to work....