Thursday, October 29, 2009

can't take my eyes... off of him... my ears, too!

so this past weekend I was reminded what I miss most in Taiwan television -- watching One Million Star (Taiwan's American Idol)... i miss seeing some really good, and some, not so good but kinda' funny performances form the local talent... plus I get to practice my Mandarin singing prowess.... hahahahahaha....

I say I miss it as for the last couple of years, we have made a conscious effort to not watch television so much... to not get caught up in any shows religiously that we cannot do anything or go anywhere for fear of missing a single episode... in pother words, we try to avoid being COUCH POTATOES in this household... LOLs.... so, besides an occasional DVD showing, we really do not get to watch TV much...

Anyway, last Friday Lyn & Shaun had a little SHABU SHABU nite for a few friends and us in their new home... so we were there for a good couple of hours and the TV was on... and it just so happened that my FAVE show, One Million Star was on... boy was I hooked, once more... why? because of this guy, Anthony Lee Neely(SP?)... not only does he have a rich, manly voice when singing either English or Chinese (so pure and such control) -he is also blessed with the looks, the cuteness to go with the voice.... take a listen of his version of The Blower's Daughter from the movie, CLOSER - even without looking at him... you will get butterflies in your tummy, GUARANTEED!!!
...and this is him singing a FAVE Chinese song of mine: Wo ZHENDE HAO XIANG NII: