Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghosts of Halloween Pasts!!!!

Was reorganizing photo albums on a quiet nite, here, alone in the Manila Condo... and I came across these photos from one of my FAVE, and one of the last Halloween's I celebrated in The US! Circa late 90's... Out and about with a few friends @ the Annual Castro Street Halloween Fair.
Steven Thai & I - a very good friend, Gary Miller, custom made this MATADOR costume for me... Was inspired to live out this fantasy after seeing the Almodovar Film Matador & Madonna's Take A Bow Music video.
The backside of the costume... very intricately designed... and yes, that's BAXTER on the left hand corner... must be admiring the costume, too!!
and my dear old friend, Judy, who I missed terribly, went as The Addams Family's Wednesday.... with headless doll to boot....

This Is Halloween!!!

Oct 31st here in Asia already... HALLOWEEN!!! though it is not widely celebrated here - we all do what we can to commemorate the day... for me it will be a repeat viwewing of Tim's Burton's Nightmare before XMas...
This is one of those cool, instant classic animation... the old style feel to it is that one that attracted me in the first place to see it... the music, the storylines, the characters are all added bonus!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doggie Love 3: Mitten : Russian Cartoon

Last one on Doggies for a while - I PROMISE!!!

Last nite, my family and I were visiting a very good friend, Sandy and her family, in their newly purchased and renovated home - will save that story for another time - there we got to meet her 4 year old LAB, WACKY... he was BIIG but sooo much fun and so lovable.... am sad I did not get to snap a photo of him... much too busy chatting, and eating and Wacky was as well, playing and jumping on everyone and anyone he can....

Anyway, you already know about my LOVE for DOGGIES (see DOGGIE LOVE)and how lately I have been thinking soooo much about them.... all these thoughts of having one for a companion reminded me of this beautiful animation I first saw in JAPAN, years ago, the Russian Classic, MITTEN!!!

It is an awesome clay animation film--from Russia--about an only child, her single mom, and the red mitten that she pretends is a puppy. Made by Soyuzmult Film in 1967.
(Above Photo: Vinyl Toy Figures of the Girl and Mitten was issued and purchased in JAPAN)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Make Your Own Kind of Music

Got to see this movie, BEAUTIFUL THING, once more -- and was reminded how beautiful and tender the movie was.... and how it is a perfect example of MUSIC and MOVIE fitting together perfectly! The movie came out in the mid 90's and it was a very URBAN and REALISTIC coming of age movie, at the same time, somewhat fairytale love story.. All the characters are flawed and SO REAL!

The scene below makes great use of The MAMAs & The PAPAs, Make Your Own Kind of Music -- the LYRICS makes one feel it was totally written for the movie... of course, most of us knows the music preceeds the movie many years ago....

All Quiet in the Eastern Front!!!

Here in Manila... doing my time... family bonding and obligations... happy to say that things are fine with my MOM... she is in great spirits and is doing fine... got to visit my Dad's grave and pay mty respects - even before ALL SOUL's Day... even getting to have some downtime for myself - catching up on PRISON BREAK... and so far only one family drama... YEAH!!!!!!

The BEST part of being here right now is seeing all the GREAT XMAS displays -- and lots of it - up already.... The PAROLS... XMas Trees.... Bright and FESTIVE lite displays.... my Fave, Shangrila Mall is all aglow in XMas spirits already... see photo below...

So all these XMasness is putting me into better spirits... happy, festive mood... and looking forward to more brightness to come....
Hope all is GREAT, or at least QUIET, in your neck of the woods...

Friday, October 24, 2008 FLYING AWAY!!!!

Well, it is that time of the month again when I FLY OUT to see my MOM..... check up on her and this time I even get to visit my DAD's Grave as I will be in Manila for All Souls Day... These monthly trips are soooo tiring, not to mention costly... but such is life so there is not much more I can do 'cept to go with the flow of things... haaays, if only I can actually just fly the broom and back - that would surely save me $$$ and TIME.... oh well, DREAM ON!!!

It is soooo AMAZING how so much can happen and change in just a few days.... Wish it could be delightful and positive things but instead new frustrations and hurdles to overcome have risen... AM SOOOOOO FRUSTRATED and SOURED by one of the setbacks -- I feel, I cannot even think straight.... at this point right now, I just FEEL LIKE it would be easier to simply give up on HOPING... on EVERYTHING........ so I GUESS, it is good am going to MANILA and get some KIND of ALONE time -- time to think things through -- to see and re-asses my options...

Am just hoping & praying there will be NO NEW FAMILY DRAMAs, too -- to add to everything else.... Oh Life!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

That I Would Be Good

...time and time again, I need to remind myself of this song and it's meaning... and this is one of those times....

That I would be good even if I did nothing
That I would be good even if I got the thumbs down
That I would be good if I got and stayed sick
That I would be good even if I gained ten pounds

That I would be fine even if I went bankrupt
That I would be good if I lost my hair and my youth
That I would be great if I was no longer queen
That I would be grand if I was not all knowing

That I would be loved even when I numb myself
That I would be good even when I am overwhelmed
That I would be loved even when I was fuming
That I would be good even if I was clingy
That I would be good even if I lost sanity

That I would be good whether with or without you

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Halloween Comes Early.... a tad bit anyway....

Got an email from my dear friend, Mary today.... just our usual "dropping you a note" type emails - as we do on a regular basis... today she attached a photo of her Halloween themed desk at work - see above photo... gave me that excited feeling, warm fuzzy feeling as most calls it, I always do when I see displays of any sorts -- for any of the many Holidays I would normally go all out doing displays for...

Needless to say, it made me recall all the FUN Halloweens I used to spend in San Francisco... dressing up and hanging out with friends.... walking up and down the CASTRO St to admire all the costumes - elaborate or not so elaborate; and revel in all the excitement and festivities...

Aaaah.... Halloween, along with Dia De Los Muertos & XMas, is possibly one of the Holidays I miss most.... well, at least I have my very own little decoration here, all the way from San Francisco - courtesy of another good friend, Juliana....Thank God for friends who always remind me of all these simple things in life I love most....
PS: This one is Mary's Halloween display at home... Love It!!! Just got it today, Oct 23rd... brightened up a bit my otherwise GLOOMY DAY... Thanks Mary!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Vicky Christina Barcelona : Movie Review

Over the weekend, I finally got to see Woody Allen's latest film - yes, it has just come out here - "Vicky Christina Barcelona" I was dying to see this film because I am a BIIIG FAN of Spanish Actress, Penelope Cruz and I read soooo much POSITIVE reviews, if not RAVES, about her performance here....

At first I was getting antsy as 1) I realized her name is not even one of the title characters names... and 2) almost 3/4 of the film before she actually came out.... But BOY - it was totally worth it... she made the film come alive even more.... her PASSION... her FIRE.... one of the few HOLLYWOOD films that actually knew how to use and showcase her talents.... for the most part, in other films, only her beauty comes through....

This is not to say that Scarlett, Javier and the other actors were not worth watching...everyone was just right on with their portrayals.... and this is one of those WOODY ALLEN films that really HIT all the RIGHT SPOTS... But it IS Penelope's film... she is the LIFE of the whole film - displaying so much raw emotions -- happiness, sorrow, hope, desperation.... an OSCAR, or at least, a nomination - I HOPE!!!

and I MUST say, having set the movie in Barcelona's BEST and most beautiful places was an added BONUS for me... seeing Las Ramblas, Gaudi's Parc Guell, La Sagrada, Barri Gothic, etc... was almost like being there again... and if you did not know any better, one can actually assume one is watching an ALMODOVAR film -- in English....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Yilan Outing

Saturday, the 18th of Oct. we decided to take a trip to City Of Yilan - just to look around...check out the different scenic spots, and of course some of the town's delicacies.... normally it would have taken an hour and a half or two hour drive from Taipei... With the newly constructed and opened tunnel through the mountains - it is not under an hour.... we had a late start so of course, the first stop was to hunt down some local delicacies... a bit of a late lunch / early dinner.... and that WE DID!!!
After satisfying our tummies, we drove on to satisfy our eyes... we decided to drive a bit more to the town of Jiaosi and hike up the mountains to view the famous Waterfalls - Wufongci (5 Peak-Flag)Falls It is the oldest and most famous scenic attraction in Jiaosi... and got it's name from the 5 peaks that line the background of the waterfall which look like a flag from afar.... Within the Peak is the St. Mary's Church and Villa Located at the top of Wufongci Scenic Area, St. Mary's Villa is considered by Catholic pilgrims as a sacred place. Legend has it that, Mother Mary once appeared to 5 climbers in the St. Mary's Pavilion here helping them to safely descend the mountain. In order to remember and pay gratitude to Mother Mary, an outside Grotto with a statue of her was erected on the side of the pavilion.
After the hike and with the sun having set already, we drove down to the town center, which is running amok with Hot Springs, after Hot Springs... this MUST be the Hot Springs capital of Taiwan...The Jiaosi Hot Springs won their fame early on during the Qing Dynasty when they were known as the "Tangwei Hot Springs", and were selected by Wu, Jhu-Fan, the Qing Dynasty Kavalan Magistrate, as one of the "8 most scenic spots in Yilan". On this crowded weekend, we were LUCKY enough to have been able to at least, soak our tired feet to some really soothing Hot Springs... Across the street from where we soaked our feet, Fried Tofu and Bing Tahui was calling us... the laoban (owner) was soooo kind, and must have taken a liking to us, we were treated to a lot of freebies... I seem to think that he wanted us to sit there as long as we can in order to attract more people to sit and dine.. and it worked as more and more people came... the laoban also took his time to chat up with us... told us some town history and told us of the many places to check out, and best hot springs to go to... notes for when we return, and he is so sure we will....

Heading on to the nite market for some more delicacies before heading back to Taipei, we came across a bakery super crowded with people -- we of course, had to pop in and check out all the commotions... and we were treated to some really nice Cold Tea and slices of different muffins and sweets... all courtesy of the shop... SUPER NICE and GENEROUS shop.... all in all, the township of Jiaosi, we have concluded, is a very KIND and GENEROUS town....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

"till death do us part"

More tokidoki fun!!! This was sent my way by a friend who knows I LOVE tokidoki... very cute animation and GREAT use of all the characters in tokidoki world!!! ENJOY and Have a Great Weekend!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Uh Oh, I Don't Think So!

Just got back from the Supermarket - where I had one of the WORST and BEST experiences ever - shopping... this is my neighborhood supermarket, Carrefour... I go there practically 2 or 3 times a week -- to pick up this and that... so for the most part I know everyone who works there and vice versa... Never had any kinds of problems... I go in... pick up my things... pay... leave.... everything runs smooth as they should - always... TILL TODAY!

I should have known not to get in line to a new employee's counter.... But no choice... she was the only one not helping anyone... that should have tipped me off right of the bat... anyway I just wanted to get my milk and eggs so I go up to her...

-Never mind that she did not say hello or welcome....
-Never mind that she did not even, at least once, smiled... or even look at me...
-Never mind that she did not even ask me for my POINT card... in most places in Taiwan you do get a VIP Point card and you accumulate points for this and that later on...
-Never mind that she did not even hand me back my Point card properly... (she basically threw it on the counter back at me..)

I was trying to IGNORE all that, shrugging it off to the fact that she might be having a BAD day... and just wanting to get done with it and leave... but when I PAID for my things, handed her my Amex card, she took her sweet time swiping it... then just handed me the slip without saying a thing... and after signing it - she did the same thing with my card... threw it on the counter for me to pick up... that did it.... so I had to ask her in my own COMMAND of CHINESE: "XIAOJIE, nii you wenti ma?" (Miss, do you have a problem?)... without even batting an eyelash, she snappily replied: "Meiyou, nii you wenti ma?" (no, do YOU have a problem?).... WHOAH!!! I snapped... so I told her: "Wo bu zhidao wei shemme nii bu gaoxing, keshi wo shi curren eh?" (I do not know why you are so unhappy, but am a customer...)... to which she just replied: "Souyi le?" (and so what?)...

That did me in... nothing to do but cause a scene and call for a MANAGER - i demanded to speak to the Laoban (Manager).... and of course, the minute I asked for a manager she turned red and the expression on her face totally changed.... the manager came, as did the security guard...... and luckily, they were both someone have spoken with before in passing... just simple hello and smiles.... so right off the bat I knew I can explain my side... throughout the salesperson did not deny anything... just looked on with the "so what!" expression on her face.. which was obviously apparent to the manager and security guard too... and to top it all off, she did not even APOLOGIZE.... BIIIG MISTAKE...

To make the long story short, OK shorter, as I know this is already long, the MANAGER Apologized for her.... and then, pulled her aside an gave her a talk in front of me.... basically berated her.... even went as far as to say (with the Security Guy nodding in agreeance) that I am one of their FRIENDLIEST and most POLITE customer - and did not warrant to be treated like so... OKAY, hearing all that made it all up to me already, what she was saying was MUSIC to my ears.... MY HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE QUICKLY WENT DOWN, for sure!
So if there should be any morals to the story, it would be these two things for me:

1) Now and again, it is Good to stand your point... need not be an underdog all the time.... especially when there is a POINT to MAKE!

2) It is always good to be nice, polite and friendly -- as you never know when you will be seeing or needing the help of those others ,you come in contact with on a daily basis, again..
Okay, Out of the SYSTEM.....
Happy Friday to you all!!!

tokidoki wallpapers FREE!!!

As you all know, tokidoki & sharing are two of the many things I LOVE in this life... okay, my Obsessions, really... so am always happy to find a few things to add to the collection and share -- especially when they are FREE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... Log on here to see some really cool tokidoki wallpapers to use -- and let the FUN begins:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You Call That An Exhibition??? Geez!!!

SOGO Department Store in Taipei, Taiwan just had a two week exhibition marking the 7th Anniversary of the momoko doll... I knew not to expect too much as most of the people there that I have dealt with in the past, does not know much about holding exhibitions... and I was right not to... LOLs!!! 7 years of momoko and they had 6 measly display cases... with each one holding two or 3 the most... one even had only one in the case...

As much as I was glad momoko was in the spotlight - I cannot help but feel SAD as it was hardly a good representation of how popular momoko is... (not even close to what JAPAN did to commemorate her 7th Birthday) All the while I was thinking - why did they not ask us to help??? surely there is someone in Taiwan who has a larger collection to loan.... if not us.... Oh Well, That is that.....

Anyway, below is the last EXHIBITION we helped mount in Taiwan... it was for the Chinese NY, 2007.... the theme was Susie & Global Dolls - so we had a variety of dolls represented -- over 500 dolls!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aaaaah Youth!

The time spend last weekend with Shaun's family in the Nantou County, made such an impression on me... most especially Jeff/Ben/Winner -- lovingly referred to as, Xiao Pang...

Meeting & hanging out with Xiao Pang made me appreciate and think back a whole lot to my childhood... and being young....
-A time when one does not care so much about many things that troubles us in our adulthood... things such as Politics, Religions, Sexual Orientation, Status, Brand Names, Skin Colors, etc....
-A time when we all feel, for the most part, INVINCIBLE -- that we can climb trees, walls, and other heights and no harm can come to us....
-A time when we just say whatever it is that comes to mind and nothing will be misconstrued -- as all will be relegated to naiveness, curiosity, or just plain, Youth!
-A time when we need not worry about responsibilities, getting a job, raising a family, giving back to the community, fitting into our own niche in the world...
-A time where play time rules our daily life... friends and toys matters the most.... as well as, our favorite chocolates, snacks and of course, Saturday morning cartoons....

Oh how I MISS those times.... and yes, though am happy with where I am in my life right now, for the most part anyway, I still think it would be so cool if I can just relieve the HAPPY TIMES, even for just a little while... Alas, we all know that is not possible unless we live in a dream world... or the world of movie magic....

Oh Well, I do still have my precious memories... and I HOPE they never, ever fade away -- as our Youth Fades, in due time....
A Bit of Fun with Xiao Pang!


3 on Youth!

An inordinate passion for pleasure is the secret of remaining young”
-Oscar Wilde

“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will truly have defeated age.”
-Sophia Loren

“In youth we learn; in age we understand.”
- Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


...but almost doesn't count!!...met this cutie over the weekend... this BEAGLE PUP is only 2 months old!!!
i was able to play with him for half an hour - till we had to leave.... I think he could sense that I was really into him, so he just kept playing and licking me....

how I wish I could have taken him home with me....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Spur Of The Moment Part 2

Saturday, Oct 11th
With a WONDERFUL nite, came restful sleep -- needless to say we got up early Saturday morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.... David and I , while our company still sleeps, decided to take a walk around the neighborhood and take in the FRESH air... what a great idea as we were able to enjoy the FRESH MORNING AIR.... walking around to complete silence and no cars or scooters for a couple of hours... happen upon fields and fields of all sorts of fruits... -- Dragon Eyes, Papayas, lemons, Lycees, & Grapes...
Later on we were joined by Lyn, Shaun & his family and we drove about and visited the surrounding towns and got to see so much more of what's around Nantou County... in particular, JIJI County... a quaint little town that's been used to some of Taiwan's popular soap operas... one of them I even watched - so it was a treat to see where it was filmed... of course, we ate some more and tried all the local delicacies.. relaxed for a bit... played badminton with Xiao Pang... hung out... and just totally relaxed....

Later that nite, we all went to the town's hottest and biggest nite market for some food and a bit of fun... Xiao Pang's wishes finally came true as we all had MONGOLIAN BBQ -- the only thing he kept telling us to try all weekend long.... though very oily, it was not a bad recommendation at all... it was tasty and filling.... after that we walked around some more and enjoyed the different booths offering a variety of things... played some games - and even did the BUMP car thing with Xiao Pang - mind you, no one was allowed to bump other cars... if you do, you get kicked out... hmmmm - wonder why they still called it Bump Cars???

Over all it was a great get-away weekend -- we enjoyed everything and everyone's company so much that we are already planning our next visit... in DEC, when grape harvesting season begins....

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Xiao Hai: Portrait of an Aboriginal Dog

One of the most interesting thing I learned during our trip this weekend is the 411 on Taiwan's Aboriginal dogs... All these times I have seen this type of dogs running around the parks or by the river where we run, watching over private lands and homes - never would I have thought that they were purebred doggies... I always just assume they are your typical street dogs... But having visited Shaun's family home in Nantou and getting to see and know their dog, Xiao Hai -- I got to learn more about his kind -- and boy was I wrong!!! Now it makes sense to me why they are very territorial, aloof, and commanding looking but not at all in very threatening ways....
This N That about Xiao Hai's Breed:
The Formosan Mountain Dog, commonly referred to as simply Formosan, and also known as Taiwan Native Dog (臺灣土狗) is a breed of dog indigenous to Taiwan. Originally kept by aboriginal Taiwanese as hunting dogs, purebred Formosans are extremely rare. Blood tests showed that they were related to dogs found in Southern Japan and that they were descendants of the South Asian Hunting Dog.

Little known outside of Taiwan, Formosans are recognized with a pedigree from the Taiwan Kennel Club and the International Canine Organization. They are well adapted to the uneven and thickly forested terrain of Taiwan, having become a semi-wild breed prior to the arrival of human Dutch settlers. Notwithstanding these adaptations, Formosans retained the potential to be trained, and are now used as hunting dogs, as guard dogs, as stunt dogs, or simply as companions.

Though one can see them just running wild and free, now and again, at parks or river banks -- Purebred Formaosans can go for upwards of US$1000 each...

FUN FACT About Doggie Names in Taiwan:
For some reason, maybe lack of IMAGINATION, most of the of the dogs in Taiwan are caller, Xiao Hai, Xiao Bai or Xiao Huang (Little Black, Little White or Little Yellow respectively)... they really like to precede names with Xiao -- even when the dogs are hardly on the small side.

Spur Of The Moment Part 1

Friday October 10th, as I had mentioned on the last entry is a National Holiday for the whole Island of Taiwan... Not only is DAVID off, so are Lyn and Shaun -- and with nothing much planned on our plates, we all decided to take the 3 hour ride to the Eastern part of Taiwan and visit Shaun's family home... I have heard stories about the area and his family but never had the opportunity to go see... so we packed up lite and by 1 PM we were on our way.... We had a pit stop, okay food stop in Fongyuan (Taijung Hsien District) a quaint little area which is frequented by people from all over... they come here for the market with soooo much selections of delicacies plus cute little knick knacksshops, of course.... We stopped for a bite to eat and opted for a couple of delicacies.... walked around a bit and then, continued on with our journey - as we had another half hour to go to get to Shaun's house....

After half an hour of winding roads... up and down highways, we reached our destination - Nantou County.... Shaun's 3 storey home is pretty typical of the houses I have seen so far in Taiwan -- biiig, spacey, and full of things..... met his dog Xiao Hai (Little Black) which am told is a typical Taiwan style dog... he is not threatening but he does not like to be touched by anyone but Shaun... oh well, no doggie playing time there.... Introductions were made, and we got to meet his Dad, Mom, younger brother and his 7 year old nephew who goes by three English names: Ben, Jeff & WInner -- LOLs -- he is possibly the cutest, smartest, most adorable 7 year old I have even come to meet in Taiwan... He is fat and he knows it but he is lovable fat - not annoying fat... if you know what I mean... Anyway, he must have taken an instant liking to me, as we, according to him, are XIONGDI (brothers) -- right off the bat.... from then on through the rest of the trip, he insists on sitting next to me in car rides, holding my hands everywhere we went, and talking endlessly to me even though he new half of what he is saying I did not understand... LOLs....

That night, we were treated to a CLASSICAL Concert in the beautiful Shueishe Wharf, (Sun Moon Lake area) -- as one of Shaun's business contacts just happened to be the one handling the PR for the concert held in conjunction with the Double 10 City Celebration.... Classical Music... Operatic Singers... Fireworks.... New Found Friends... Oh What a Way to End the Nite!!!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Double 10

Double Ten Day (traditional Chinese: 雙十節; pinyin: Shuang Shi Jie) is also known as the Chinese National Celebration Day. It celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911, that led to the collapse of the Qing Dynasty.

Needless tpo say it is a National Holiday In Taiwan... and different events (Political Rallies, Concerts, Family Outings) are happening all over the Island... The official celebration starts with raising of the flag of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in front of the Presidential Building, followed by public singing of the National Anthem. It is then followed by celebrations in front of the Presidential Building, including a military parade (the military parade was not held from 1992 to 2006, to ease cross strait tensions). Later in the day, the President of Taiwan addresses the country and fireworks displays are held throughout the major cities of the island.

This Holiday is also celebrated by Overseas Chinese all over the world.
The Streets of Taipei are lined with the country's flags all month long in observance of this Holiday!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pukii : Who Wants One?

(Pukii Collectibles and the Life Size Pukii that GREETS the bankers!)
A couple of years ago I came across this giant AD for Shanghai Commercial Bank - boasting a cute little PINK Pig named Pukii -- it cracked me up sooo much as Pukii in the Filipino language means the female genital... cracked me up even more when I realized that the Pukii character is MALE!!! LOLs!!!

Well, a couple of years later and Pukii is even BIGGER than EVER!!! He has been such a HIT for the Shanghai Commercial Bank that they have expanded Pukii's family... and have used Pukii not just for their television commercials and print ads but even in their actual bank branches' decor...

The banks have been converted to PUKII Havens... the ATM sections have been turned all PINK with Life Sized Pukiis to greet customers.... Pukii Collectibles are displayed in grand cases... they are available for viewing (and purchasing, too -- am sure!)

Am not a BIIIIG FAN of the color PINK, but this is one PINKNESS I can take... just waaay too cute -- so cute that we now have an account with this bank - LOLs.... and we all know we can never have enough CUTENESS in our lives....

"LOOK! even the ATM Machines are all PUKII pink!!!"

One of the CUTE TV Commercial with Pukii & Family!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Have you flashed someone today???

With a SMILE, that is!!!
"how many times we are feeling so down, or frustrated, or unwanted -- then out of nowhere we get a smile form someone we know, a love one, a friend, family, even a strager -- and automatically our mood changes..."

SMILE - a SIMPLE gesture indeed... but it is one of the most POWERFUL & APPRECIATED one...
-it is FREE to GIVE & RECEIVE...

"A Smile a day, keep the Blues away." make someone smile - simply, by giving them a smile....

1. A facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure, amusement, or derision.
2. A pleasant or favorable disposition or aspect.

smiled , smiling , smiles
1. To have or form a smile.

1. To look with favor or approval: Fortune smiled on our efforts.
2. To express cheerful acceptance or equanimity: We smiled at the bad weather and kept going.


1. To express with a smile: Grandmother smiled her consent.
2. To effect or accomplish with or as if with a smile.


From Middle English smilen, to smile, probably of Scandinavian origin; see smei- in Indo-European roots


smiler (Noun), smiling�ly (Adverb)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2 on HOPE!

Was taking to a good friend today (one I have not spoken with for quite some time - due to our busy scheds) about things... work really... and out of the whole conversation comes a ray of light - shining through... hope for new possibilities... don't want to JINX it but it reminded me of these two Quotes on HOPE that I totally agree with....Never deprive someone of hope; it might be all they have.”

"Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”

Monday, October 6, 2008

Red Cliff : Movie Review

I finally was able to see this movie, Red Cliff. I missed it when it first came out in Taiwan due to my travel schedule -- so am glad I was able to catch it when it hit the 2nd tier cinemas.... I could not pass up the chance as it is one movie that must really be seen in a BIIIIG SCREEN!!!

in the Grand Tradition of historical epic Chinese movies of late, this has got to be the grandest of them all... Rumoured to have had a budget of 80Million US$, it make sit the most Expensive Chinese produced movie in history... and seeing it in its glorious splendour - in the big screen - makes you realize why it costed so. The sets, the battle scenes, the CGIs, & the historical costumes are all top notch, over shadowing even, most of the Internationally known cast. And believe me, they are some of the HOTTEST and most POPULAR ASIAN stars of late. Takeshi Kenishiro (half Japanese/half Taiwanese Super Idol for many years now - WARLORDS, Chinking Express, etc..), Tony Leung (Happy Together, In The Mood, And Ang Lee's recent, Lust Caution), Zhao Wei (Shaolin Soccer, So Close), Chang Chen (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), & Chi Ling (Taiwan's Top Model in her movie debut -- I heard she is going Hollywood already!) - to name a few...
In my opinion the end result is worth every penny spent on its production. It is of note to say that the movie is directed by world renowned director, John Woo (Face Off)

Based on the historical novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, the movie tells the story of the legendary Battle of Red Cliff from 208 A.D. that led directly to the end of the Han Dynasty. The movie btw is Part 1 of 2... the second one to come out Jan of 2009.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

...messy weekend.... keeping with "out with the old, in with the new" theme... this weekend we decided to start cleaning house.... Boy, isn't it a WONDER - how we accumulate sooooo much in sooo little time??? and I mean SOOOO MUCH!!!

Every Chinese New Year - there is a 3 day period that we can actually go through our CRAP and select the ones we want to get rid off - big or small - and they get hailed off for free... as a service to the community... LOVE THIS!!! But this time we decided to get things done a little earlier... starting with all that we can recycle... give away.... or just plain throw out....

10 years of CDs... Books... Magazines.... and stuff I always say i will work on and "do something with"... but never gotten around to it due to time or maybe just lack of inspiration.... NO MATTER!!! everything must go -- so this weekend and the next few ones - am sure, will be dedicated to a lot of cleaning up....

I cannot tell you how LIBERATING it feels... having so much load taken off you.... now and again, you just gotta close your eyes and go for it... UNLOAD, UNLOAD, UNLOAD!!!!

Biological Doggie Clock Ticking

okay, okay.... lately am seriously contemplating again on getting a dog... am soooo missing having one to play with... run with... and everything else in between... been a long time since the pooch of my life, BAXTER, passed away.... over 10 years in fact... so I think it is just about the right time....
Of Late, I have had to settle with playing with other people's doggies... enjoying them when I visit... it satisfies the desires for the time - but of course, makes me want to have one that I can call my own more.... one who will be more LOYAL to me... hays, the only thing stopping me now really, is my travel schedule... I would HATE and FEEL SO GUILTY having to leave he doggie behind every month -- no matter how long or short the trip may be... I remember that the thing I was sad most with Baxter is that, hearing from the his sitter, that he (after a day of me being gone) always end up just waiting in front of the door for me to come home from a business trip... always broke my heart....
(Clockwise: Charlie, Youtiao, Shaq & Lala... Youtiao has since passed on and joined Baxter in doggie heaven...)
..and here's another cutie, Gucci- Ameera's Chihuahua - given to her on her 7th BDAY... Sadly - she also had passed on already... one of the sweetest pups ever.... loving but oh-so-fragile....

..and The Elcocks' Huskies, Cole & Sebastian (below).... two of the biggest, and most lovable dogs I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.... they are Alaskan Malemutes, to be precise.... (Thanks for the INFO Larraine and Brianne!!!)