Tuesday, September 27, 2016


"Just like the rain that gives a new lease of life to a dying plant, a smile and kind words can help someone who is about to give up."
-Am sure most of you who knows me well enough, knows that one of my pet peeves is being cooped up in the house - the whole day😱😱😱.  No matter how busy working indoors I may be, I need to at least get out for a walk for a little bit...  Need the fresh air and see nature and people..  Good for the soul, my soul!😃😃😃. 

But during the typhoon season - it is safety first - so, just gotta "suck it up" and stay indoors...  Which could be trying and make me gloomy at times..  But now and again something or someone makes me snap out of it...  And today, Jube did just that...  

While we are having our Banana and Peanut Butter sandwiches - good on a rainy day😜😜😜 - she made this while I was  preparing my coffee...  She said, "now we are having Smiley sandwiches - and I know you like smiley."  

Need I say more?  Of course I was instantly with a SMILE on my face...