Tuesday, September 18, 2012

beating the MONDAY BLUES....

Lots of catching up to do with work and life in general...  especially after being gone for almost the whole week last.....   still am not complaining.... it was a FUN getaway...  still FRESH in the mind....  so I go about my MONDAY - ready to face the world after a cup of coffee...  make that two cups... :)
Laundry... House Cleaning....  Post Office Pick Ups....  Received Shipments from China....  Banking...  Answering TONS of emails....  and just plain catching up.....
"Best to take a moment present
As a present, for the moment."
But it was not all work - I made sure of that....  you know me, I always try to schedule the day just right... breaking the workday with a little bit of this and a little bit of that....   first break came with a GYM BREAK...  this is a MUST as I seem to have carried a few extra baggage back from Jeju...  around my TUMMY!!!  EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!

Then a little before 6PM, I packed up for the day, got ready and went for a stroll with Johnny and Juju through Dajia Riverside Park....  hitting all the FAVE SPOTS: Rainbow Bridge, Raohe Night Market, Raohe Temple, and even ventured all the way to WuFanFu, Taipei's clothing market....  so overall, it was a great day to get back into the swing of things...  :)
The added BONUS was finding this box of GOODIES, from a friend in Japan,  waiting for me in my Post Office Box...  SWEET!!!