Saturday, September 8, 2012

Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Action Star!

Okay forget GI Joe, where he was masked most of the time.... and in the recent Dark Knight Rises, the end shows promise of a franchise Robin movie in the wings (one can hope!) - run to the theatres (or catch the DVD) and see Joseph cycling his was to some adrenaline pumping stunts in the movie Premium Rush.
He plays the TOP NY bicycle messenger that somehow got embroiled in some shady espionage/mafia related stuff....  story actually quite simple, but the storytelling is what makes the difference....  the whole movie spans just a day in a life of his character - juggling his love life & work all the while navigating through the busy streets of NY....  always trying to be one step ahead of the situation - trying to figure out his way through traffic and what could be accidents by seeing his possible ways through in his head, in seconds... Then he is called in his old Alma mater to pick up a package and to be delivered in Chinatown - simple enough, but NO!   All else ensues and saying much more would be giving away the whole film....  
It is just AMAZING seeing this really talented actor tackle on such diverse roles and he always delivers....  am glad that he took on this action role and not some "shoot em up", "bloody fighting" types of action films.... His lean physique makes it believable for him to be in this kind of job....  and his ways (mostly by using his head) in dealing with obstacles makes him an intellectual action hero - again even more believable....   The stunts are pretty cool....  I was at the edge of my seat a few times....  I was able to overlook the campyness of the bad guy....  the bad Chinese wanna be accent of the damsel in distress....  and the cheesy love troubles....  Was a nice excuse to be out of the heated sunny afternoon and still get some adrenaline pumping, indeed...
Mr Gordon-Levitt was recently on the cover of GQ Magazine too...  looking very dashing....  and the photos inside are pretty nice, too...  He can make being totally dressed look very sexy!