Monday, January 6, 2014


Had another first with Juju today  - first time to a movie!!!  Well, technically it is the 2nd but the first time, Madagascar, she could not sit still and kept talking loudly, we actually left 30 mins into the movie - so as not to upset the other movie goers...  Lol!  This time around Juju was great..  She sat still..  Talked softly, as i taught her, whenever she had a question or comment...  And just truly enjoyed the movie...  Laughing, clapping and reacting at the right moments...  Swaying during the musical numbers...  And was even more sadder than I when the movie finished...  

FROZEN was the perfect movie...  At three years of age, Juju is understanding more and is getting to be a true lover of Disney/Pixar films...  Thanks to Tangled, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., etc...  And it helped that we wend on a weekday afternoon when not too many people are around....  less frustrating, less pressures, and less crowds to deal with.....  like having your own movie screen!!!
The movie, based on the Snow Queen,  was wonderful....  The animation superb - as a Toy Lover, am feeling a need to find some of the figures produced for the film!!!  The music was catchy enough and having Jonathan Groff and Idina Menzel voice out  two of the main characters was a delight!!!   Idina doing the main song, "Let It Go", is a shoo in for the OSCARS, and I cannot wait to see/hear her sing it LIVE...

And am even getting to enjoy older Disney movies (Snow White, Cinderella, Beauty n the Beast, Little Mermaid) as I introduced them to her via DVD on the days I babysit her.. And through doing so, I have reignited my love for Disney films... Which are basically Classic ones now!   Oh how I delight in seeing them again...  Like seeing old friends once more!!!  

Thanks Disney/ Pixar for the many years of delighting and thrilling with your films!!!   And here's to many more to come!!!!
Right after, we even get to play around the Miramar area for a bit!