Sunday, January 5, 2014


The 2nd of January was part of Juju and I's Christmas gifts..  Mommy got us tickets to see the 30th Anniversary of RODY Exhibition at the 1914 Huanshan Arts Center - a Fave artsy grounds for a lot of people in Taipei.

I only know RODY, pretty much for the Premiums I have been collecting from Hi Life, Family mart, etc..  Plus of course, the bouncing kiddie sized ones that have been quite popular the last few years - but I was AMAZED to see that RODY's been around for 30 years!!!

And the Exhibition was well worth it.... lots of colorful RODY's on display - in various sizes, too... and for added fun, one can touch, grab, pose with, and even ride most of the ones displayed....  Just Too Cool!!!  Juju had the most fun - of course! as she was allowed to ride most of the ones there... including the RODY Carousel - and ride she did... at least 4 times!!!. Plus a few One Of A Kind ones done by local and popular artists were on display in the gallery.
The Giant RODY that greets attendees and passersby...
I can Imagine this in my home..  Hahahahahahaha...
Circus Themed Room and yes it was all Intetactive!
OOAK RODY's on Display

2 Happy Kids on the RODY-Go-Round!!! Juju loved it so much we must have ridden it at least 4 times..  She just had to sit and take a photo with every single one of them..  LOL!
We lucked in and another exhibition was going on - the Taiwanese Doll/Puppetry that has been popular around the world: PILI!  So, we got to have fun with a few of their displays too!!!

For More Fun Photos of The Exhibition Pls Click Here: RODY, PILI and so much more..

"Yellow Mellow" : 2nd selfienof the year...  
Did anyone say Yellow and blue are the Lucky colors for 2014???