Monday, July 12, 2010

it's the little things.... (JULY 2010)

aaah... was feeling a bit down as I was missing IFDC again this year.... but with all that has been going on personally, it was just not in the cards for me to TREK to Las Vegas and be with some friends and enjoy the convention... instead, Ito contend with hearing about it all from friends.... and admiring all their photos...

Still, I have to say that "Life is STILL Sweet!" I instead over the last few days had my own fun seeing friends.... hanging out with Jason & Todd... taking a side trip with The Wus... and of course, attending the Toy Festival with the girls.... there is not much I can say - no words can describe the feelings except "it's TRULY the little things that makes the difference in life..." So instead of boring you with more ramblings - I will just let the photos speak for themselves...


3 out of 6 - halfway there... (July 7th)
Hi.Life with Todd & Jason after a BIIIG meal from Wo Jia Niu Pai (July 8th)

Friday @ Fridays with Juliana (July 9th)

Taipei Toy Festicval with the Girls (July 10th)

Day trip with The Wus (July 11th)

...and of course, seeing an entry of mine on 365 Project, as one of the popular ones for the day...